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Being Tea Teacher Training graduates come a wide range of fields of expertise, including tea businesses, tea sommeliers, tea bloggers. They also include related fields that intersect with tea, such as writers, yoga and meditation teachers, movement therapists, music teachers, and more. Here are some of their stories.

The beauty of this course is that Sooz offers guidance, support, and inspiration for her students to confidently create whatever it is they want their future in teaching tea to be.  As I traveled through the constantly thought-provoking modules, my idea of what I initially wanted to do evolved, and I realized there was a much deeper level to my possibilities with tea which was spiritual, to enhance the human connection.

As well as the practical and logistical elements of teacher training in tea, this program requires you to look inside yourself, to question your own beliefs, your values, and be open to changing the way you view the world.

Given the current climate and the immense amount of work we need to do to understand, be respectful of, inclusive, and create a thoughtful space for our fellow humans, the course content doubles up as a handbook for basic life and interactive skills.”

Freya Radlein
Founder of Snapdragon & Thistle Tea (Seattle, WA)… and now creating something new!
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2023

Anna Ye Tea, a Being Tea Teacher Training Graduate

“To say my experience in the Teacher Training Program has been transformative, is an understatement.

Enrolling in Being Tea’s Teacher Training Program was hands down one of the best decisions I made in my tea journey. What drew me to the Being Tea Teacher Training Program was how unique the structure of the curriculum was and how intimate the learning environment was.

The work that Sooz has and is still doing in tea is groundbreaking and the breadth of knowledge she holds is truly impressive.

One of the highlights of this program for me has been our cohort group discussions. To be able to show up for one another in these meetings, with an open heart to listen and the willingness to share is powerful work. Drawing from their varying backgrounds and experiences, each person brings fresh perspectives and wisdom– and for that I’m so grateful.

For anyone that is looking to deepen their understanding of what it means to hold space for others in tea, our role as a tea teacher, and doing so with an open mind and heart, then I strongly urge you to sign up now.”

Anna Ye
Founder of Anna Ye Tea (NYC)
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2021

“I have wanted to go deeper in my own tea education for a while. Most of the programs I came across talked more about the terroir and types of tea, which is important, but I was after something different. I didn’t quite know what exactly at the time until I came across Being Tea’s Teacher Training program. It touches more on the emotional connection with tea, and our connection to the world through tea. Also, after seeing how much Sooz’s classes were helping my mental health, I wanted to be able to create spaces where people, especially women, can come together and feel welcome to share about their experiences.

Being Tea’s Teacher Training Program has a huge focus on trauma-informed education. It equips teachers with ways to create more inclusive spaces, as well as requires them to go deeper and ask themselves what it is that they are really trying to offer through tea education.

Inclusive education ties directly to representation. The education system a lot of us have been exposed to relies on exclusivity and competition which as a result creates this idea of scarcity and also worthlessness for certain groups of individuals. Being an immigrant and a person of color, my hope is everyone who wants to learn, finds a space and a teacher to help them grow without money or the color of their skin being a barrier.”

Taniya Gupta
Creator of YogaTeaPoetry (Toronto, Canada)
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2022

Emily Morrison, founder of The Steeping Room, Being Tea Teacher Training graduate

“I have to say… it’s been awesome. I am more confident and more prepared when I walk into a class.  I can think more creatively about how I want to approach certain kinds of groups or topics. I definitely feel more like a tea professional than I did before I started, even though I have been in the tea business for since 2007.

I would definitely recommend this program to people who want some help learning how to teach tea thoughtfully.  The program is packed with useful information, is extremely well put together and organized, has impressive workbooks for me to use a reference, has lots of opportunity for real connection with the teacher and the other students, and really ultimately has left me feeling like I am part of a community of people of who share a bit of the same path.” 

Emily Morrison
The Steeping Room (Austin, TX) 
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2020 

Tehmeena Manji, founder of Muthaiga Tea, Being Tea Teacher Training graduate

“Training wasn’t even something that I thought of. I thought that I would create the blends, and then whoever would be interested would buy the teas. I understand the technicality [of tea]. Doing a sommelier course, I can talk about tea – that’s what we’re trained to do. But what I didn’t know was how to present tea.

I don’t think I can aptly describe just how much each module has shaped me or challenged me in a way that I did not think was possible. ‘Thank you’ does not seem like enough.”

Tehmeena Manji
Founder of Muthaiga Tea, and one of East Africa’s first tea sommeliers Nairobi, Kenya
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2021

From Nicole’s 8-part blog series on her experience in the program:

“In a year that has brought many personal changes, both good and bad, this program guided me in the direction I want to be going. It also gave me a community of like-minded people who are as passionate about teaching tea as I am. I cannot recommend this tea teacher training enough if you are interested in facilitating or teaching about tea in any way.

Nicole Wilson
Creator of Tea For Me Please, author and educator
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2021

Samuels - Being Tea Teacher Training Graduate

“I cannot express enough how fantastic Sooz’s Being Tea Teacher Training Program is.

I was looking for a tea mentor / teacher who approached tea holistically and not just as a commodity and I have found that and much more in the Being Tea Teacher Program. I enjoy the program’s emphasis on really teaching tea and preparing us to embody teaching in any scope that’s suitable for the student as individual.

Sooz’s program has exceeded any expectations I had about tea teacher training. Sooz is a teacher’s teacher. I would recommend the Being Tea Teacher Training Program for anyone who is not only interested in teaching about tea, but also for anyone who would like to deepen their relationship to tea.”

Stephanie Samuels
Founder of Sutras Tea & Wellness (Austin, TX)
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2020

Sabine Gullatz, UK Tea Academy trainer, Being Tea Teacher Training graduate

The introduction into Psychologically Sensitive Teaching was particularly impressive and informative for me and showed me completely new aspects on teaching.

I got to know Sooz’s highly professional and sensitive teaching style at various tea industry workshops, and when I discovered her online Teacher Training, I was immediately thrilled.

With strong expertise and competence, Sooz leads through her Teacher Training providing comprehensive knowledge and inspiration. The clearly structured modules, which build up the know-how step by step, give me a profound understanding of adult education, essentials for an exceptional course structure and awareness of what is important to me as a tea educator. I am impressed and grateful!”

Sabine Gullatz
UK Tea Academy Sommelier and Trainer, Germany
Being Tea Teacher Training graduate, 2020

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