Being Tea membership is so much more than tea classes.

Check out some of the amazing feedback from our members about their experience as a member! All of these comments come from emails I’ve received from students over the last few years – they truly just light me up.

“This was the best class I have taken…”

This was the best class I have taken. You did a great job of helping me reorient my brain when tasting tea. It was great to really dig into each specific parts of tasting, and really understand what I am looking for when tasting tea.”

“I am so fortunate to have found Being Tea. The high caliber and diversity of class content, the peaceful setting, the beauty of your photography – every thoughtful detail. Your skill in interviewing guest speakers – these are an extra treat I look forward to- they’re FUN! I’ve learned much more than tea from you. I feel you’re an old soul, and I’m privileged to have a connection with you.

“I really liked being able to follow along with exactly the teas you’re tasting because it really helped to crystallize the distinctions of different tactile experiences for me! It was really helpful to hear that these experiences of mine were real and can be valid ways of describing the tea.”

What I experienced today even just through the screen is the feeling that I am looking for, to feel the nature and enjoy the absolute peace of mind and the pleasure of life. Thank you very much for this.”

“My favorite tea educator is Suzette Hammond.”
Daniela Titiun, certified tea sommelier

“I remain forever grateful…”

“It is to you, and Being Tea, that I credit my 601 days alcohol free! Being Tea introduced me to Chris Marshall and Sans Bar, and started me on my path to sobriety. I remain forever grateful to you, Sooz, for this connection. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined an alcohol free life, and Chris helped me see that the best version of me is alcohol free. Your work has impacted me and changed the trajectory of my path.”

– Johanna D.

The tea community where YOU can be you.
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“I love your teaching style…”

“I love your teaching style: you explain things in a very clear and simple way. But, most importantly I think, I am not merely learning some notions around tea, but a way of learning and exploring, just like a method to approach the topic (just consider comparative tasting: it’s so intuitive to think about it as a good way to compare some teas, yet, nobody had ever introduced me to this way of tasting). Watching you pan-firing some tea leaves was much clearer than any written words explaining what pan-firing is! I must admit, some afternoons or evenings, Being Tea is becoming my new Netflix.

I would like to focus on the meditation classes now: I approached meditation in my past, mainly through self-study. Every time I tried, I stopped after two or three weeks. Your classes helped me better understand what meditation is and the difficulties you may encounter by practicing it. I get the impression that you know what one can go through when starting a meditative practice and this is very helpful for a beginner. 

In sum, I am really satisfied with Being Tea! It’s a great learning experience around tea in all its dimensions.”

– Andrea G.

I always learn something, and you’ve become quite an anchor of my tea experience. So grateful to have found you in Being Tea!

– Diane, member since July 2018

“The courses are exceptionally instructive…”

The courses are exceptionally instructive.  I’ve learned a great deal from the sessions I’ve watched. You have a wonderful sense of pace and timing.  It was fun to do cupping workshops with you at the NW Tea Festival a few years ago, but the videos are helpful for many aspects of tea brewing.  I’m delighted that you decided to make your vast experience and teaching skills available to the public.” 

“[With my upcoming relocation], everything is chaotic at home. However, I will say that morning tea practice has given me space to explore and process all the feelings coming up around this move. Without having practiced in our community over the last year, I don’t think I would be nearly as well resourced to use tea practice as an emotional refuge. I am grateful for the instruction and space you have created to make this possible.

“So cool, I honestly really enjoyed watching. Looking forward to the part two and more Sooz!

“I enjoyed the in-depth preview of class, and style in which it was going to be taught. I also liked how you constantly encouraged experimentation to better understand. Enough guidelines to ensure your tea will taste good, but left enough room for the listener to play around.” 

100% worth it for a business to sign up for a team membership.  It’s been so nice for them to learn things and have tea experiences that come from a different perspective. Regardless of their level, they have really enjoyed these classes and I have really enjoyed them having access to someone who can teach them in a hands-on way.”

“Sooz feels like a kindred spirit in the tea meditation practice to me. She is the first person I’ve come across who is equally authentic and passionate about tea meditation in her life.”

– Tami, member since Dec 2020

“Being Tea is a hidden gem in the tea world…”

“I highly recommend Sooz’s monthly membership offerings. I’ve subscribed for many months now and I’m nowhere near having explored it all. Plus she’s constantly adding new videos. There are tea skill videos and also tea meditation videos which are right up my alley. Every video is super in-depth. If you ask me, Being Tea is a hidden gem in the tea world… but most likely & happily not for long! If you didn’t know, now you do!”

“The recent class you gave on the number of steepings was wonderful!  I have watched all your Brewing Skills classes — all terrific — but this is one of my favorites. Your teaching style is so relaxed and informative.  I liked all the comments you made about tea culture and other comparisons where tea is unlike anything else.  Tea drinking is an essential part of my life and I find so many aspects of tea to enjoy.”  

“The first tea meditation I got to participate in with Being Tea, I honestly thought “what the hell are we going to do for 2 HOURS?!” (& I’m a yoga / meditation teacher, ha!) … & yet, the 2 hours literally was like 2 minutes … & I felt grounded & light at the same time, centered & calm. My outlook on Tea is changing, there’s this feeling of honoring the Tea, the practice, the process, the people who bring it to us, the traditions … it’s pretty cool.”

“Your approach is so accessible to all tea connoisseurs and it was informative for me as a drinker and a tea producer!”
– Alicia, member since Dec 2020

What Being Tea members mean to me, as your teacher…

I love to share with guest teachers just how wonderful and unique the member community is here at Being Tea. There is an openness that is rare.

As a longtime educator, over the years I’ve taught in and been a part of a lot of tea education spaces that are fixated on outcomes, right / wrong ways of showing your dedication or connection, or particular qualifiers that grant someone access to the space.

And I haven’t always felt very comfortable in those spaces, even as an experienced tea education professional.

I often felt like I’m being this other version of myself. And so I started wondering… wow, what is that like for students, then? If it’s this hard for me?

With Being Tea, I’ve worked intentionally to create a place that holds the opposite of those feelings. As I get older in my own time with tea, it’s among these rare spaces and teachers where I notice the most impact internally, too. The difference is acceptance, inclusivity, and the inner teacher.

Folks come here from a range of backgrounds and experience with tea. We have complete beginners, as well as folks who work in tea or have a small business. Some are here specifically to dive deeper into skills like tea tasting and brewing mechanics, while others are seeking a supportive mindfulness practice they can grow with, and find that working with tea in this way really lights them up.

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$30 / month

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