“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Brene Brown

Transform your study of tea into a living skill – supporting personal growth, creativity and love of learning.

I’ve been an educator my entire career in tea, since 2003. Learning how to teach others – taking into account their job requirements, the audience they serve, and their own skills – has been as equal of a focus for my work as has been teaching about tea itself.
And now I’m sharing that experience with you!

A first of its kind program – Teacher Training, for tea!

Being Tea Teacher Training is a 7-month professional development program, open to experienced tea folks who want to feel more comfortable sharing tea with others, but have little teaching experience.

Your study will include:
– Understanding how to sensitively hold space for diverse needs and groups
– Adult learning theory and experiential learning foundations
– Time management and logistics of tastings and workshops
– Lesson plan development and practice teaching
– Developing a personal practice and teacher self-care

Being Tea Teacher Training consists of 7 core modules, covering the following areas:

Module 1: What Calls You to Teach?
Understanding diverse audience types/learning needs + your own strengths and interests as an educator

Module 2: Creating a Sensory Playground
Why experiential workshops matter, intro to adult learning theories, how to support different learners, planning for interactivity

Module 3: Presence & Presentation
Understanding energetic vs physical space, working with your environment as a public speaker, learning to hold space for students

Module 4: “Stacking your show”: Structure & Time
Time management skills in the classroom, developing a comfortable relationship with time, building flexible and energetically balanced lesson plans

Module 5: The Love of Logistics
Scalability for different workshops based on size, equipment and environment, equipment management, creating safety nets

Module 6: Tea for Everybody: Psychologically Sensitive Teaching
Becoming trauma informed, teaching within window of safety, equity and decolonizing your teaching, scope of practice as a teacher

Module 7: Self-Care and Creating a Personal Practice
Self-care for teachers, developing personal practice, avoiding burn-out/imposter syndrome, gathering people resources

What’s included with the program?

Each module includes either a monthly private seminar (3-4 hrs) with me or a 4 hour small group workshop (for students enrolled in small group learning), a module workbook, homework and personal writing, plus later in the program, lesson plan development and practice teaching.

Also included are monthly group sessions with the entire teacher cohort – both graduates and other current students – for discussions, special workshops, and community support.

Teacher trainees also have full access to my “general ed” membership program of classes and live events during their study period with me.

Additional courses, such as teaching tea online, as well as unique focus areas like teaching tea meditation/mindfulness, are also available to Being Tea teacher trainees through Continuing Education membership.

How can you take Being Tea Teacher Training?

New session begins March 2021! The important details!

Tuition for small group (4-6 students) is $995 for the 7 month program, paid monthly ($142/mo).

Tuition for private instruction is $1500 for the 7 month program, paid monthly ($215/mo).

Small group cohorts meet during the third week of each month, one 4 hour session. Minimum of 4 students needed to confirm each cohort pod . Weekday and Saturday times are available – inquire further for up to date enrollment.

Private instruction is scheduled around your personal availability, including weekdays and weekends. Meet for 4 hours monthly with a set time slot.

Extended payment plans (for up to 11 months) are available on a limited basis. Inquire about availability if this would benefit you!

From some of my students:

I have to say… it’s been awesome. I am more confident and more prepared when I walk into a class.  I can think more creatively about how I want to approach certain kinds of groups or topics. I definitely feel more like a tea professional than I did before I started, even though I have been in the tea business for since 2007.

– Emily Morrison,
Owner of The Steeping Room (Austin, TX)  

“I cannot say express enough how fantastic Sooz’s Being Tea Teacher Training Program is. I expressed that I was looking for a tea mentor/teacher who approached tea holistically and not just as a commodity and I have found that and much more. This program has exceeded any expectations I had about tea teacher training. Sooz is a teacher’s teacher.

I would recommend the Being Tea Teacher Training Program for anyone who is not only interested in teaching about tea, but also for anyone who would like to deepen their relationship to tea.”

– Stephanie Samuels
Tea professional, LMT, RYT, LE

“I got to know Sooz’s highly professional and sensitive teaching style at various tea industry workshops, and when I discovered her online Teacher Training, I was immediately thrilled.

With strong expertise and competence, Sooz leads through her Teacher Training providing comprehensive knowledge and inspiration. The clearly structured modules, which build up the know-how step by step, give me a profound understanding of adult education, essentials for an exceptional course structure and awareness of what is important to me as a tea educator. 

The introduction into Psychologically Sensitive Teaching was particularly impressive and informative for me and showed me completely new aspects on teaching. I am impressed and grateful!”

– Sabine Gullatz
UK Tea Academy Sommelier and Trainer, Germany

Meet the community!

Learn more about current trainees and graduates of the Being Tea Teacher Training program!

Who do we serve? Statement on equity and inclusivity:

This work asks us to look at what we teach in tea not as static names, places and procedures, but rather how we foster connection with tea and people in a way that is embodied, equitable and equality-focused. Being Tea Teacher Training asks teachers to commit to supporting and embracing our students for their differences in country of origin, race, family and socioeconomic status, gender and sexual identity, body form and ability, age, and physical, mental and emotional needs.

What will you do with your teacher skills?

Individual goals may be to have the confidence to teach a Tea 101 course for customers, train staff members for your tea business, teach for fun at tea festivals, or to simply share tea in community spaces.

Tea professionals who have been through a tea certification course and wish to continue on as a teacher will also find this program particularly beneficial to gain functional skills as an educator.

It’s also a great crossover program to add new skills for “dual practice” professionals, such as coffee pros, yoga/meditation teachers, bodyworkers, etc who also study tea in depth already.

NOTE: Because this program focuses entirely on tea education (not about tea itself), a strong foundational knowledge about tea is necessary to begin study. This can take many forms, such as:

  • Tea sommelier certification,
  • Formal academic study of tea,
  • Operating or being a manager for a tea business,
  • Being an experienced tea blogger,
  • Working in a tea shop/cafe that sells and serves tea.

Essentially, several years of regular, hands-on experience with tea, in some form, is required.

Wondering if teacher training is the right fit for you at this point in your tea life? Get in touch with me below and let’s talk more!

Being Tea is committed to accessibility for all programs. I do fundraise for full/partial scholarships for BIPOC students (Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color) interested in teacher training. Reach out to me if you would like more information about availability on the scholarship waitlist.