“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Brené Brown

Become a leader in compassionate tea education

I’ve been an educator and trainer for my entire career in tea, nearly 20 years.

Learning how to teach others – taking into account their personal needs and goals, job requirements, the audience they serve – has been as equal focus for my work as teaching about tea itself.

And now I’m sharing this experience of teaching with you!


A first of its kind program: Teacher Training, for tea

Being Tea Teacher Training is a 7-month professional development course.
It’s open for intermediate to advanced tea folks who want to feel more comfortable creating experiences and educating about tea, but have little teaching experience.

Structured as an interactive online program.
You’ll meet and collaborate with fellow teachers on the path, like yourself, from all over the world.

Created to transform your years of tea study into an expansive, living skill.
One that supports meaningful connection, creativity, and powerful growth for yourself and for others!

What will you study? Our program modules:

MODULE 1: What Calls You to Teach?

Understanding diverse audience types / learning needs + your own strengths and interests as an educator.

MODULE 2: Creating a Sensory Playground

Why experiential learning matters, intro to adult learning theory, how to support different learners, creating structure built for interactivity.

MODULE 3: Presence & Presentation

Understanding energetic vs physical space, working with your environment as a public speaker, learning to hold space for students.

MODULE 4: “Stacking your show” – Time & Structure

Time management skills in the classroom, developing a comfortable relationship with time, building flexible and energetically balanced lesson plans.

MODULE 5: The Love of Logistics

Scalability for teaching work based on personal needs, size and environment – including indoor, outdoor, and online considerations – equipment management, creating safety nets.

MODULE 6: Tea for Everybody: Psychologically-Sensitive Teaching

Becoming trauma-informed and implementing psychologically-sensitive teaching, working within window of safety, equity and decolonizing your teaching, scope of practice as a teacher.

MODULE 7: Self-Care & Creating a Personal Practice

Navigating periods of growth vs periods of rest, self-care for teachers, avoiding burn-out / imposter syndrome, gathering resources and business support.

I was looking for a tea mentor / teacher who approached tea holistically and not just as a commodity and I have found that and much more.

– Stephanie Samuels, 2020 graduate
Austin, TX (USA)

What’s included when you join?

This 7-month program includes:

– A monthly course module with your small group cohort of 4-6 people (4 hours monthly) + course workbooks

– A monthly Teacher’s Workshop with Being Tea teacher community, which includes both program graduates and current trainees (2 hours monthly)

– A one-on-one 60-min coaching session with me

– Access to weekly Office Hours for check-ins and assistance

– Access to monthly homework review group session

– Practice teaching + feedback session on class topic of your choice, required to graduate

– Monthly homework assignment and personal writing

– Certificate of Completion upon graduation

Teacher trainees also have full access to my regular Being Tea membership program of weekly recorded and live classes ($240/ annual value) during their study period with me.

Where do you see yourself teaching? Maybe you’ll host workshops like these, or teach at festivals or yoga studios? Maybe you’ll teach for corporate clients or community organizations? Or perhaps online? Wherever you want to share your love for tea, Being Tea Teacher Training can help you bring it to life.

I don’t think I can aptly describe just how much each module has shaped me or challenged me in a way that I did not think was possible.

– Tehmeena Manji, 2021 graduate
Nairobi, Kenya

What’s unique about this program? Truly, everything.


Being Tea Teacher Training is the first professional development program in the tea industry to focus entirely on teaching skills.

For people who feel very drawn to education and study of pedagogy (beyond just hosting tastings), teaching is the direct outlet for all those years of personal and professional study in tea. And yet, even classroom teachers rarely get the chance to study their craft in this way. You’ll be on the leading edge of truly meaningful tea education.


This program is also unique for its focus on inclusive, trauma-informed teaching methods, and centering experiential learning over didactic academic structure.

Our program is distinctly student centered, supporting the validation of someone’s lived, personal experience rather than the corrective, assimilation messaging that is the norm of many of our educational structures. You’ll be creating safer spaces for your students.


Finally, this program is special because it is relationship oriented and rooted in community support, every step of the way.

After graduation, there is an ongoing Being Tea Teacher Graduate community you can join for continuing mentorship, advanced study, and support for your growing craft and business. This is aligned with Being Tea’s mission of positioning education as a relationship, not a transaction. You’re not alone in this path.

Teacher Training: Program FAQ

Am I qualified to enroll?

What can I do with this training?

Do I have to own a tea business to join?

Got questions? Read our FAQ for the most common inquires we receive about this program! If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact me in the form at the bottom of the page. I’d love to hear from you! READ PROGRAM FAQ

How can you take Being Tea Teacher Training?

NEXT SESSION BEGINS MARCH 2022! Information about tuition structure is below.


Program tuition is sliding scale, based on your financial needs:
* REDUCED RATE: $995 total ($142/mo)
* STANDARD RATE: $1250 total ($178/mo)
* SUSTAINING RATE: $1500 total ($214/mo)

Tuition is divided into monthly payments, no deposit required.
Students at the STANDARD and SUSTAINING tiers can also lower their monthly tuition rate by requesting a longer payment term of 12 months instead of 7. ($104 and $125, respectively)

To sustain this unique self-pay model, students are asked to pay as much as they can afford comfortably. Students can also move to different tier, up or down, anytime. No financial documentation is requested to sign up for any tier.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION option is also available on limited basis.
Tuition for private instruction is $3500 total ($500/ mo, or $125/ hour). This option is not eligible for reduced monthly payment plans.

Inquire directly for more details and current availability!

Hear from some of our students!

“I have to say… it’s been awesome.” (read more)

Emily Morrison
The Steeping Room (Austin, TX)  

I am more confident and more prepared when I walk into a class.  I can think more creatively about how I want to approach certain kinds of groups or topics. I definitely feel more like a tea professional than I did before I started, even though I have been in the tea business for since 2007.

I would definitely recommend this program to people who want some help learning how to teach tea thoughtfully.  The program is packed with useful information, is extremely well put together and organized, has impressive workbooks for me to use a reference, has lots of opportunity for real connection with the teacher and the other students, and really ultimately has left me feeling like I am part of a community of people of who share a bit of the same path. ”

“To say my experience in the Teacher Training Program has been transformative, is an understatement.” (read more)

Anna Ye
Tea educator, speaker and consultant

“Enrolling in Being Tea’s Teacher Training Program was hands down one of the best decisions I made in my tea journey. What drew me to the Being Tea Teacher Training Program was how unique the structure of the curriculum was and how intimate the learning environment was.

The work that Sooz has and is still doing in tea is groundbreaking and the breadth of knowledge she holds is truly impressive.

One of the highlights of this program for me has been our cohort group discussions. To be able to show up for one another in these meetings, with an open heart to listen and the willingness to share is powerful work. Drawing from their varying backgrounds and experiences, each person brings fresh perspectives and wisdom– and for that I’m so grateful.

For anyone that is looking to deepen their understanding of what it means to hold space for others in tea, our role as a tea teacher, and doing so with an open mind and heart, then I strongly urge you to sign up now.”

The introduction into Psychologically Sensitive Teaching was particularly impressive and informative for me and showed me completely new aspects on teaching.” (read more)

Sabine Gullatz
UK Tea Academy Sommelier and Trainer, Germany

“I got to know Sooz’s highly professional and sensitive teaching style at various tea industry workshops, and when I discovered her online Teacher Training, I was immediately thrilled.

With strong expertise and competence, Sooz leads through her Teacher Training providing comprehensive knowledge and inspiration. The clearly structured modules, which build up the know-how step by step, give me a profound understanding of adult education, essentials for an exceptional course structure and awareness of what is important to me as a tea educator. 

I am impressed and grateful!”

Read about the journey taken by tea blogger and educator, Nicole Wilson of Tea For Me Please, as she shares her experience in all seven modules of the program!

Dedication to equity and inclusivity :

Students of marginalized backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. Your experiences and expertise are very welcome here. I am very honored that 50% of each cohort in our first two years has been comprised of BIPOC and LQBTQ+ persons.

For all interested applicants: This work asks us to look at what we teach in tea beyond names, places and procedures. To share from Brooklyn-based school educator and social justice activist, Cornelius Minor, “I cannot be spiritually awakened and doing work that is vocationally dead.”

Being Tea Teacher Training asks teachers to commit to supporting and embracing our students for their differences in race, country of origin, gender and sexual identity, body form and ability, family and socioeconomic status, age, and physical, mental and emotional needs.

All applicants are asked to keep this in mind as they enroll in study, as you may hear ideas and information that challenges your own previously held views in this program. This is a brave space for that growth.

Being Tea is committed to accessibility for all programs, including Teacher Training. Full and partial scholarship for BIPOC students (Black, Indigenous and Persons of Color) interested in teacher training are available on a limited basis – usually one person per term.

I am working to increase availability for these scholarships. Reach out to me if you would like more information about financial aid options.

Reach out with questions!