Who is the adorable little friend in Being Tea’s logo? This is Luff, our spirit animal with the important responsibility of “keeping it real.” Here is his backstory…

Luff is a plush buffalo/bison, as is the artistic interpretation character version you see on my website. He has been a part of our life (my partner, Jonathan is the one who draws luff) for going on 16 years. And he’s actually not just one, he is part of a herd that we keep.

Called “luffabo”, luffs are imagined to be domesticated, house-friendly buffalo. Yes, all of them have names – when you meet them in person, you can ask which one is with me today.

Luffs travel with me, even internationally, and surprisingly, nearly everywhere I go, I meet other people who also keep plush pets with them. This is the inspiration for sharing Luff’s story here in Being Tea.

You see, Luff represents a part of our inner world that never goes away. It is the origin of who we are. That which knows and gives unconditional love, which imagines and dreams, which understands the disarming power of goodness that “cute” brings to life. You can call it your inner child, but it’s more than just a period in your early life. For many folks, expressing this inner seed is very challenging, particularly as we endure trauma. Plush pets – particularly those who have been with you a long time – manifest it externally, though, and encourage a softening to the world and to yourself.

Science has shown that the act of hugging itself – whether people, animals or even plush friends – releases stress reducing endorphins, specifically the neurotransmitter oxytocin (the bonding “cuddly” chemical).

After all these years of luffs being known only to people close to me in my life, I thought it was about time they become known to others who are looking into starting this path in tea, too. As means to nurture a softer, curiosity friendly, and real “you” approach to learning and growth. Because tea can do powerful things, if we let our guard down long enough to let it in.