Being Tea membership…

Creative, connected tea education, from the comfort of your own tea space.

Come join a uniquely human-centered membership program, offering financially accessible, sensory supportive, self-empowered education for your daily life in tea!

“Any tea lover who isn’t a member already is seriously missing out!”
– Emily M., member since Feb 2019

“I always learn something, and you’ve become quite an anchor of my tea experience.”
– Diane G., member since July 2018

How the program works

The Being Tea membership program provides both self-guided and interactive options for tea learning. Members can view full-length recorded tea classes (60-75 min) or take live classes every week on a wide range of interconnected subjects. Classes are organized into different libraries by topic:

Tea Skills: Deeper sensory development, such as functional brewing techniques, professional cupping skills, classical teaware introductions, exploring tea categories, and building tea tasting vocabulary.

Tea Meditation: Training in mindfulness practices with tea, such as techniques for preparing tea in meditation, seasonal energetics of teas, breathwork with tea, restorative practices for reducing stress, and tea meditation journaling.

Quiet Tea Sundays*: A weekly restorative space for practicing guided tea meditation, working with monthly seasonal themes and incorporating techniques such as pranayama, yoga nidra, journaling, and gongfu cha.

– Barista Series*: NEW offering, for folks who work with tea professionally in a service setting. Includes baristas, specialty coffee workers, tea house staff, and anyone who wants to learn about tea from the lens of service and professional engagement.

Being Tea Connections*: NEW offering, inviting special guest teachers and speakers into the Being Tea space to highlight the numerous ways tea connects to the world around us, from an interdisciplinary and intercommunity viewpoint.

* These libraries are available for Practitioner level members and higher.

Get started today with any of these available levels


$5 / month

Our video-only level. Student of Tea is an affordable option for self-guided, anytime tea learning on your own terms.

Unlimited access to two class video libraries (80+ classes): Tea Skills and Tea Meditation.

Two new classes are added each month to the library!

Discounts on non-member Being Tea special events.


$10 / month

MOST POPULAR. Practitioner of Tea is for folks who want to go deeper, with additional class libraries and live, interactive class options every week.

Live and interactive classes for members only all month long!

Unlimited access to Tea Skills and Tea Meditation libraries (80+ classes), with new additions each month.

Access to additional class libraries: Quiet Tea Sundays, Barista Series, and Being Tea Connections!

FREE or discounted tickets to other Being Tea non-member events.


$50 / month

Need to cover more than just you? Being Tea small business membership offers year-round training and education support!

Covers small businesses with up to 10 employees!

Unlimited access to all class video libraries.

Access to monthly members-only live classes and events.

Quarterly virtual training / coaching call (60 min), four per year.

Prioritized email response to tea and training questions.

Interested in annual membership?

Student of Tea and Practitioner of Tea are both available for yearly, one-time payment membership!

Student level is $60 annual and Practitioner is $120 annual, eligible for renewal.

If you’re looking to gift Being Tea annual membership to a tea lover in your life, download this free printable postcard to send to your recipient!

Glowing Being Tea member reviews

This was the best class I have taken. You did a great job of helping me reorient my brain when tasting tea. It was great to really dig into each specific parts of tasting, and really understand what I am looking for when tasting tea.”

“This was such a cool tea class, and I really liked being able to follow along with exactly the teas you’re tasting because it really helped to crystallize the distinctions of different tactile experiences for me! It was really helpful to hear that these experiences of mine were real and can be valid ways of describing the tea.”

What I experienced today even just through the screen is the feeling that I am looking for, to feel the nature and enjoy the absolute peace of mind and the pleasure of life. Thank you very much for this.”

The courses are exceptionally instructive.  I’ve learned a great deal from the sessions I’ve watched. You have a wonderful sense of pace and timing.  It was fun to do cupping workshops with you at the NW Tea Festival a few years ago, but the videos are helpful for many aspects of tea brewing.  I’m delighted that you decided to make your vast experience and teaching skills available to the public.” 

“So cool, I honestly really enjoyed watching. Looking forward to the part two and more Sooz!

“I enjoyed the in-depth preview of class, and style in which it was going to be taught. I also liked how you constantly encouraged experimentation to better understand. Enough guidelines to ensure your tea will taste good, but left enough room for the listener to play around.” 

“I definitely think it’s 100% worth it for a business to sign up for a team membership.  It’s been so nice for them to learn things and have tea experiences that come from a different perspective. Regardless of their level, they have really enjoyed these classes and I have really enjoyed them having access to someone who can teach them in a hands-on way.”

Take a sample class right now!

The Being Tea difference: Education as relationship vs transaction

When you take classes with Being Tea, you’re practicing with a real person.

Members can ask questions anytime and receive real answers. The classes are me just directly teaching, no editing. Classes are developed with lots of flexibility for the student, too, to emphasize how we show up with our tea in very human, unfiltered, unstaged ways. Live classes are fully interactive, too.

New classes and live events every month

Being Tea membership a living, breathing program. I’m always adding new elements to what we do here.

This program is also, very purposely, not a certification course. This is to allow tea explorers to engage with tea on their own terms for well-being support, as a devoted hobby, or as supplemental professional education, without the implied goal or financial pressure of testing.

Ready to sign up? Let’s go!


Videos-only. $5/month.


BEST VALUE. Videos + Live classes. $10/month.


Classes + quarterly support meetings. $50/month.


Consider adding a Friend of Being Tea monthly contribution and help keep affordable education accessible for everyone.

Visit here to add Friend of Being Tea $5 Benefit or here for $10 Benefit.
*Note this is a separate payment / registration from class membership.

For inquiries about customized member levels:

I also offer customized levels for larger organizations or specialized clubs.

Contact me below, share a little about what your needs are, what your group or organization is about, and we can chat!