In my own experience as a student, some of the most meaningful and enduring lessons learned can come from working one on one with a dedicated teacher.

Being Tea offers accessible and affordable options for private instruction, no matter if you’re local to me in Chicago or you live in another state or even country. Together, we plan highly focused workshops and sessions built around your professional or personal needs. Whether you’d just like a personal refresher course in a particular subject, or you need a little longer term mentorship, I’m available for you!

(photo: Private cupping instruction via livestream)

Why private classes might be a good fit for you…

There are any number of reasons why someone seeks out private instruction. I can say from my own motivations, I already gravitate toward very small group or individual interactions in a social setting (I’m definitely an introvert), and I found this preference completely translated to how I like to learn, too.

Working with a private teacher quieted the busyness in my mind, so I could focus just on their instruction and how that resonated with me internally.

I also really appreciated being able to ask questions directly, and found myself learning faster, more completely (less “potholes” or points where I just zoned out), and in a manner that more strongly integrated the teaching into my daily life outside of the lessons.

What about you? What are some of your most memorable learning experiences, either positive or negative? Do you notice a pattern related to group dynamics or not feeling completely seen?

I’ve worked with many people in private instruction over the years. Some of the situations include :

  • Mentoring newer tea professionals for their job
  • Improving professional cupping (tasting) skills
  • Teacher training and public speaking skills
  • Personal interest in a specific area of tea
  • Studying tea meditation and gentle yoga for self care
  • Personal schedule that excludes normal group class availability
  • Feeling uncomfortable in public group settings, for any reason (knowledge level, lack of inclusive space, physical limitations, history of trauma or anxiety)

I’m available for single sessions, limited series (ex: 3-4 classes) or for ongoing lessons. In person or online. I offer instruction in functional tea skills, tea meditation, and tea meditation with gentle yoga.

Want to learn more or get started? Send me a note and let’s chat!