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Hi tea friends! This holiday season, our offerings from the ever snuggly Being Tea studio focus on rest, reflection, community. In that spirit, I’ve chosen to dedicate all funds from our holiday events to our Being Tea scholarship program.

In 2022, we raised enough money here in the community to support five BIPOC and LGBTQ tea folks in their education here, for a whole year. (read more about our tea scholarships here.) Contributions from tea lovers like YOU help make this program possible. So come join us this season, renew and restore your heart, and pay the gift forward.

** ALL Being Tea special events can be gifted, too! **

Simply email me at after purchasing your ticket with your recipient’s name and email address.

Being Tea with Plush

a tea practice for the soft and young at heart

Saturday, December 10, 12pm-1:30pm US Central
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*recording included!

In this playful, lighthearted space, practice guided tea meditation and introspective journaling with your favorite stuffed animal as your partner. Why plush toys? Folks who have been in my space for a while know about Luff, the adorable stuffed animal who also appears in the Being Tea logo. The invitation centers on an openness to be seen and heard – as your natural self without pretense or mask – through a beloved physical representation of your inner self / child.

At Being Tea, I advocate for nourishing our self-compassion, gentleness and kindness, as a means to role model for ourselves what we wish to extend to others. As weary adults, the more often we visit ourselves in this way – teaching ourselves how to soothe, to take care, to acknowledge identity – the more we consider the softness in the world with greater awareness.

​Bring a favorite plush friend (or two) to the session, and they’ll get a chance to meet other fuzzy beings from fellow attendees!​

Being Tea with Plush is choose your own price, starting at $15. All funds from this event will go toward 2023 Being Tea scholarships.

Winter Solstice Tea

a tea meditation + journaling experience

Wednesday, December 21, 3pm-4:30pm US Central
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*recording included!

Winter Solstice is one of many sacred markers on our calendar, acknowledging passage of time through seasons and also passage of time through ourselves. It’s a moment of contrast – the shortest day, the longest evening – that can serve as a container for deeper understanding of our own inner contrasts and journeys.

This year, the solstice takes place the afternoon of Wednesday, December 21. To welcome this opportunity for reflection and rest, we’ll enjoy guided journaling paired with tea meditation and personal ritual. The atmosphere is open, relaxed and friendly to customizing to your needs. Suggestions for setting up your space for your own winter solstice ritual will be provided, too.

Winter Solstice Tea is choose your own price, starting at $15. All funds from this event will go toward 2023 Being Tea scholarships.

New Year’s Candlelight Tea

tea meditation, music, yoga nidra

Friday, December 30, 6pm-8pm US Central
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*recording included!

Seeking a quieter New Year’s space? Being Tea welcomes you for a peaceful, contemplative gathering to close the year. Every year, I host a special candlelight tea service, set to thoughtful wintery classical music, where we can gather, give thanks, release, cultivate joy, and linger in the pause. Includes restful yoga nidra (sleep meditation), guided tea meditation, and closing the year ritual.

Simple suggestions for creating a beautiful setting in your own space for a festive New Year’s tea will be provided. Come be in like-hearted community with fellow quiet seekers this holidays season

New Year’s Candlelight Tea is choose your own price, starting at $20. All funds from this event will go toward 2023 Being Tea scholarships.


Live class Sat, November 12, 12pm-1:30pm US Central
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Last November, we explored how to shop for tea in a way that supports our learning. This year, we’re going to look at strategy for how we shop for teaware, with the specific intention of expanding our connections to tea. We’ll look at key types of teaware to consider buying early on and why, budgeting and planning, and versatile tools that help us to play with greater flexibility. This is a class for folks ready to explore teaware resourcing from an intentionally educational perspective!

with special guest Nazanin Yousefnejad of Tea Thoughts
Live class Sat, November 19, 12pm-1:30pm US Central
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This month we invite to the Being Tea Connections space our friend Nazanin Yousefnejad, the Iranian-American creator and designer of Tea Thoughts. Nazanin will share with us some of her favorite memories, connections and love of Persian tea culture, from her own family background. We’ll also discuss what is happening in her family’s homeland today – the revolution for a free Iran – and how this connects to the story of tea.

We’ll talk about the complexities of why so few people ever get to experience Persian tea outside of Iran, the challenges of balancing creativity and activism right now, and how the media turns away from the Iranian struggle. How might you, dear tea friend joining us at home, sit with this story and invite it to add color, shape, and compassion to your own personal tea life? We’ll talk about that, too. We’d love for you to bring your favorite tea and join us.

How can you attend Being Tea Member Classes?

These tea classes are available exclusively to the membership community, both as live classes on Zoom as well as video recordings viewable anytime. This continuing education program includes unlimited access to my growing library of more than 160+ tea classes. And you can join us!

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