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Living in Creativity: with special guest Tony Tellin
Sunday, March 12, 12pm-1:30pm US Central
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Our first guest in the Being Tea Connections series this year is my friend, Tony Tellin, founder of A Tellin Co. The company operates as a small “tea kitchen,” located in a peaceful wood outside of Oregon City, Oregon. They were founded in 2019 essentially as a way for Tony’s whole family to just spend more time together. Tony has been tasting, buying, formulating, and making tea for over 23 years, coming up originally as an apprentice in the early days of Tazo tea company, then later Steven Smith Teamaker. As he says in his bio, “I wasn’t taught how to make great tea, I made great tea alongside a master of the craft for over a decade before adding my own voice.”

In this session, we’re going to explore what it’s like to step into one’s own voice. The impact on our own lives when we turn the tables and start creating something that truly is just for us, close to the heart, win or lose.

Saturday, March 25, 12pm-1:30pm US Central
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I teach a lot of classes where the quality of movement is a keen focus of the practice. The slow, patient way we call ourselves back to center, the way we see intention arising and then follow it through completely, avoiding multi-tasking and rushing. Where that interest comes from, for me, is quite personal. Around 2008, I sustained what could have been a disabling work injury from long-term, slowly built repetitive stress. I was unable to do core functions of my job for a year, and spent nine months in physical therapy. I was also unable for a time to practice my chanoyu lessons without considerable modification.

What I learned as a result of this experience is that when we prioritize form (ie: aesthetic or ideal way) over function (ie: the actual intention or need), our bodies suffer. In this session, we’re gonna get a bit nerdy about anatomy and practice inviting a more loving, compassionate awareness to our own individual structure and needs when it comes to our ergonomic approach to tea.

Weekly on Sundays, 9am-10:15am US Central
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