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What’s new this season at Being Tea?

September 23 + 24: Northwest Tea Festival, Seattle WA

The Northwest Tea Festival is back!!! This year, I’ll be teaching two classes for this much beloved show in Seattle: Saturday is Intro to Professional Cupping + Tea Tasting (with cupping set to keep!), and Sunday is Creating Inclusive & Accessible Tea Spaces.

These are both live remote, meaning folks at the show will be in the festival classroom, while I’m teaching on a live video feed from my tea studio here in Chicago. These classes are also for in-person attendees only, so they won’t be simulcast outside the festival.

REGISTER HERE with the Northwest Tea Festival directly!

Sustaining EquiTEA: Sliding Scale & Scholarships

Free online! Sunday, October 1, 12pm-1:30pm CDT

As much as we all absolutely love tea, let’s be honest for a moment: it’s not always the most affordable interest or hobby. Sliding scale payments and scholarships are two of the most effective ways we can lower some of the financial barriers for folks to participate in tea community. But how does this work, exactly? And as small businesses, how can you offer these alternatives sustainably for yourself, too?

In this free session, I’ll share more, using Being Tea’s own practices as an example. I’ll also be taking your questions and we’ll talk through scenarios. There’s no perfect example of how to magically make tea affordable for everyone, but there are tangible, specific actions we can take to extend grace and center equitable access in our spaces.


Sunday, October 1, 12pm-1:30pm CDT. This session will also be recorded! Check your local time zone here.

This free session on sliding scale and scholarships is an extension of a topic we touch on during a class I’ve been offering this year at a few regional tea festivals, Creating Inclusive and Accessible Tea Spaces. (click the video image to watch this session, also for free.)

This month for Being Tea Members…

Autumn is the season for the element of Wind, and the energy of movement, release, digesting our experiences of the year. It’s also traditionally the season of harvest, enjoying the bounty of what we’ve created. (and I like to think of the harvest as both a physical and emotional representation of that idea.) In this session, we’ll gather and explore teas that are smartly suited for autumn – with vibrance and generosity, grounded and stabilizing character, and easeful for however we may be feeling in this season of change. We’ll also touch on forgiving and restorative ways to prepare our tea during autumn, and why we may choose these approaches.

You know the main senses of the body – touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight – but did you know that we actually have many more senses than just these five? By some estimates, we may have over a dozen, depending on how you define “sense.” The most notable additional two, however, are the subject of this workshop: interoception, or the awareness of internal sensation and location, and proprioception, the awareness of our body’s position and coordination. And tea helps us cultivate both of these senses on an awesome level. In this workshop, we’ll explore more about what these senses are and why they’re important; why we might struggle to recognize them (or know how to access them); and how tea supports us in this practice.

Being Tea membership program feature, Quiet Tea Sundays guided tea meditation.


Guided tea meditation + rest practice
Weekly, 9am-10:15am CST
September Series: Our Five Senses

A new series begins every month!
Over two years of recorded sessions also available, arranged by season, so you can enjoy practice anytime.
This program is exclusive for Being Tea members.

How can you attend our Being Tea Member Classes?

These tea classes are available exclusively to the membership community, offered live on Zoom as well as video recordings that are viewable anytime. This continuing education program includes unlimited access to my growing library of more than 200+ tea classes. And you can join us!

Membership is sliding scale, $10 – $30 a month – all classes and sessions included. Learn more about Being Tea Membership below and nourish your inner tea life!