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Activism for Introverts & Highly Sensitive People: Beyond the Basics

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with special guest, OMKARI WILLIAMS

Saturday October 8, 12pm-2pm CST
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We’re thrilled to welcome back to the tea studio our friend, activism coach, speaker and writer, Omkari Williams! Omkari’s specialty is helping quiet activists find their place for making a difference without burning themselves out.

For introverts and HSPs (highly sensitive persons), we feel the wounds of the world very deeply. Sometimes this can lead us to shut down right at the very moment when our particular way of communication is so very needed. This is especially true for lovers of tea, which itself is an introspective art – historically found at the crossroads of peace and conflict, liberation and suffering.

In Activism for Introverts: Beyond the Basics…

  • We’ll explore what Omkari calls Radical Realism and how embracing this concept can help you create the path of activism that makes sense for you right now – and help you stay on your path.
  • We’ll look at what self care truly means.
  • We’ll explore how even introverts can benefit from community connections and how to build them.
  • Finally, we’ll start you on the process of crafting your unique plan of activism.
  • This two-hour workshop will include writing prompts and a hive mind session where we get to benefit from the wisdom of the group. 
  • We build on the concepts introduced in Activism 101, Omkari’s foundational workshop. See note below if you’re interested in this previous class, too!

** Recording will be provided for all ticketed attendees. **


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Also available…

ACTIVISM 101: Omkari’s original workshop

It’s helpful to be familiar with the guiding framework Omkari establishes in her first offering. You can buy the recording of the most recent edition of this session, hosted by my friend, yoga teacher and licensed social worker Melissa Noel Renzi, here in Chicago.

Note: This is optional. You don’t have to take the first class to enjoy this new offering from Omkari.


Summer 2022 recording of Omkari’s foundational workshop. A precursor to her new class in October. Class length: 2 hours.



with guest Andrew McNeill of Seven Cups Chinese Teas

Live class Sat, September 10, 12pm-1:30pm CDT
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Our next Being Tea Connections workshop is with special guest Andrew McNeill of Seven Cups Tea! We’ll be exploring how to understand the meaning and information found in some of the most common classical Chinese tea names. (with a little bit of pronunciation guidance, too.) If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what different phrases or terms mean, and how it’s helpful for you as a tea drinker / explorer, this is the session for you! Questions are very welcome, too.

Live class Sat, September 17, 12pm-1:30pm CDT
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Part 2 of our 3 part series on traditional teaware focuses on kyusu teapots. These teapots are specially designed to enhance the enjoyment of Japanese teas, which themselves have a unique flavor that really comes alive with the right teaware. You don’t need to own any kyusu pots to take this class – this is where you’ll learn about them! We’ll also be exploring a little comparative brewing of Japanese teas to better understand their needs, and these exercises can be done with any standard teaware you may already own.

Live class Sat, September 24, 12pm-1:30pm CDT
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Pranayama is the traditional yogic practice of becoming more deeply aware and familiar with our breathing and energy, through techniques to gently release old patterns and tension. Such intentional breathing is also inseparably linked to tea meditation practice, as tea affects the depth, texture, and pace of our breathing. This serene, internally focused workshop incorporates mindful movement, posture alignment, and breath direction exercises with meditative tea drinking.

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