Being Tea membership makes an amazing gift for explorers.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for the tea lover in your life who values deep connection, Being Tea membership is that gift! This program offers year-round tea education and community experiences that are both self-guided and interactive. We launched in 2017 and now have years of courses and explorations – over 200 video recordings, and counting.

I now offer digital gift cards so you can easily gift a one year membership to Being Tea!

Images from various Being Tea class membership programs and tea courses.

Membership with Being Tea includes:

– Live and interactive small group classes every month!

– Unlimited access to our tea course video libraries.

– FREE or discounted tickets to other Being Tea non-member events.

– Priority email access to me for questions.

– Weekly private member newsletter.

Full program details can be found here.

“My favorite tea educator is Suzette Hammond.”
Daniela Titiun, certified tea sommelier, Being Tea member since Aug 2019

Sooz of Being Tea smelling steeped tea leaves

Being Tea is a different kind of learning space for a different kind of learner.

Our tea courses are designed to be self-guided, holistic, inclusive, and accessible. We explore functional skills like brewing and tasting, as well as tea for mental health, meditation, and personal practice.

When you take tea courses here, you’re practicing with a real person.

If you’ve ever felt awkward, that you asked “silly questions,” or that you didn’t belong while trying to learn tea, you’re not alone. But you’re in good hands here, learning from a nationally-recognized, award-winning tea educator.

Purchase your Being Tea membership gift card here!

I offer tiered pricing to support accessibility. This means that both of these options have the same benefits, so you can simply choose the one that best matches your financial means.

*For price comparison: Typical rates for classes I teach to the public average $10 – $30 per class. Professional classes, including ones here in the program, would start at a few hundred dollars.


The “community” rate for tea loving folks with limited financial means. This level is offered through Being Tea’s commitment to financially accessible tea education. This level equals $10/month.


My “fair exchange” value rate – what it takes for me to produce this program sustainably. If someone enjoys just two live or recorded classes a month, this level equals $10 per class, for less than $20/month.

Important: Terms and Info for Being Tea Gift Cards

A digital gift card will be emailed to you upon purchase. This is what you will send to your recipient. Optionally, you can also print it out as a card! The digital gift card has a personal code and instructions for your recipient to register for their year of Being Tea membership.

Please allow up to 12 hours after purchase for your gift card to be emailed to you.

Gift cards do not have cash value and cannot be refunded. Membership cannot be transferred once activated. Gift cards are void after one year from purchase if not activated by the recipient. Finally, gift cards cannot be used for any other Being Tea product or program.

No special tea equipment is needed to participate in Being Tea, as we study all of that here. However, your recipient will need internet access to view online videos, take classes, and receive member newsletters.

Purchase of a Being Tea gift card is opting in and agreeing to these terms.

Being Tea is like no other tea course program. Here’s why:

1) This program is intentionally NOT a tea certification course or academic school.

Tea means different things to different people. Our self-guided structure invites tea explorers to engage with tea completely on their own terms. That might be creative playtime as a devoted hobby, or a mental health support for well-being, or continuing education for tea industry professionals.

2) All of our classes are trauma-informed and rooted in inclusive, holistic teaching.

We value inclusive and flexible structure over any sort of rigid form. This also means we center the importance of intentional language and body wisdom in this space, too. You are your own guide, after all, for what tea becomes in your life. You are always enough here. Being Tea is also neurodivergent friendly.

3) There are no standardized tests, no quizzes, no “falling behind” here.

Instead of book work or passing quizzes, you’ll develop an enduring, personal relationship with tea that nourishes you as a whole human. This means intellectual as well as emotional, mental and spiritual – areas that are neglected in learning systems that only measure a pass / fail score.

Become a Being Tea member and bring more tea into your daily life!

“Tea with your meditation classes seems to be the one practice that brings me back to the place I need to be.”

– Fiona, Being Tea member since Aug 2020


Image from Being Tea online program, Quiet Tea Sundays, available for membership.