Your generosity as a Friend of Being Tea is used to fund scholarships for folks from marginalized communities – both from tea/coffee industry trade and not – so they can have tea educational support in their life.

Here’s how!

Being Tea offers scholarship funds to assist in two key areas:

1) Personal study through my general education program
2) Tuition for Being Tea’s 7-month professional Teacher Training program

How these programs breakdown, in terms of our funding needs:

  • $120 = One year of general education program, videos + live classes (at Reduced tier)
  • $500 = Partial tuition for Teacher Training
  • $1188 = Full ride tuition for Teacher Training (at Reduced tier)

Why Scholarships Matter:

Since founding Being Tea, I’ve structured everything I offer to be as accessible as possible, substantially less than comparable professional development programs.

This includes everything from my monthly educational programs available for individuals, to small business support, and teacher training programs.

To go deeper, though, requires a paradigm shift for understanding why some voices have been left out – historically marginalized folks, without financial means or expected job titles. There must be room to give freely, uplift, and invest in these futures.

Scholarships are the way to break down these barriers, restoring equity in who gets the privilege of education.

Become a Friend of Being Tea Today!

I have two options for contribution: One time and monthly support.

One time gifts can be given anytime, any amount you wish. Monthly support is available at $5, $10 and $20 USD / month. Please note that currently, these are purely donations to help support this work – there are no special content perks or crowdfunding type exclusive benefits.

Friend of Being Tea scholarship fundraising is on my support page, hosted by Buy Me a Coffee:

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A little backstory: Who reminds you that you are enough?

When I was first getting started in tea (this was in 2003), in a vulnerable place as I navigated a rocky, unknown transition from my previous career path, I benefited from generous, kind people who saw me and made room for my potential. In this new home, I wasn’t judged for my age, my lack of academic qualifications, the job title that I held. I just was – and got to be – tea. The ability for me to be what I wanted wasn’t questioned.

As I transitioned to working more with the wider industry, I felt suddenly exposed, without my nest. There were professional expectations, experiences, and financial backing that I just didn’t have yet. I was deeply self-conscious of this and spent years judging myself for not being “enough,” not being there yet.

It was only by the grace of finding places to volunteer my time professionally that I was able to keep growing and learning in tea, because I certainly couldn’t pay the cost of admission without help. And I met new colleagues and friends who also did not judge me for my position in life. I’ve thought a lot about those early years as I’ve kept going in tea.

In 2014, I founded Being Tea as a means to offer education that’s accessible, affordable, and geared toward everyday life and enjoyment. Tea for enrichment. Tea that shows you that you are enough.

Who can apply for Being Tea scholarships?

This program specifically serves BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color), and LGBTQ+ folks inside the United States, where I am based. You do not need to be a working tea professional to qualify.

As funds and space allow, I’ve also been able to extend scholarships for non-US students who come from areas of conflict or political / religious / economic hardship, as well as those with vulnerable immigration status.

Priority access is always given to students – US and elsewhere – who are applying their tea knowledge skills for community support purposes.

Scholarships are awarded to students on the waitlist, as well as through special community giveaways. These giveaways are usually announced on my social media (Instagram @beingtea)

If you would like to inquire about waitlist availability, get in touch with me below!