“Suzette Hammond is the founder of an education-based small business Being Tea, American Tea Ambassador to Vietnam, and a practitioner of various activities supporting mental health, including yoga and tea meditation. We bumped into each other for the first time in Las Vegas in 2019 and I simply had to ask a few questions…”


TEA & STUFF, with UNYTea! Episode 28, talking about mental health, small business life / awkwardness with money, and tea education!

In Our Experience, with Harriet McAtee of Nourish Yoga Training (UK). Episode, “Learning in Spirals and the Power of Practice.”

OpTEAmized, with Vince LaPelusa of Fresh Steeps. Episode 41: “Tapping Into Our Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Side Through Tea”

TEA, MUD AND HOPE, With founder of Windy Hollow Tea Farm, Monica Griesbaum. (Scotland). A chat about tea education for positive change.

BETWEEN TWO TEAPOTS video podcast, With Crimson Lotus Tea (Seattle, WA)

Press + Blog Clippings

TEA CACHAI names Being Tea at the very top of her Video recommendations category, in her article, 40+ Resources to Learn About Tea and Become a Tea Expert.

“My favorite tea educator is Suzette Hammond.”

TEA FOR ME PLEASE shares about her experience in Being Tea’s 7-month Teacher Training program.

GREATER GOODS COFFEE CO, 2021 Roaster of the Year, interviews me for their educational blog. (July 2020)

WORLD TEA NEWS published an article by me, Tea as a Herald for Healthy Living, in their industry white paper, “The Next Wave in Tea: Trends, Issues & Opportunities.” (May 2019)

Published Works

EIGHTY DEGREES MAGAZINE, Issue 05 (March 2020). I write about the importance of tea meditation practice for mental health, as well as the precarious experience of running a small business during the pandemic.

EIGHTY DEGREES MAGAZINE, Issue 03 (Nov 2020). I write about my journey exploring Snow Shan ancient tea in Vietnam.

TEA JOURNEY MAGAZINE, June 2019. “The Power of Tea Meditation.”

TEA JOURNEY MAGAZINE, June 2019. “Mindfulness at the Cupping Table.”

THE SOUL & SPIRIT OF TEA,  published essayist in this collected works book featuring 21 authors from across the tea industry. (2013)