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Hello, my name is Sooz (Suzette Hammond). Teaching tea has been my professional and personal life for nearly 20 years. Tea is so much more than a beverage. It is an ancient culture, a way of life, and a contemplative teacher. I believe Tea – learning, sharing and teaching – to be one of our most powerful connectors.

Tea touches all of your senses, supporting body, intellect and emotion. A tea practice teaches us to be vulnerable as we sit in the present moment, and witnesses our being listened to.

Tea is a living study and one that distinctly benefits from relationship-style learning. Tea is also a philosophy, and one that can serve us very well in stressful, intense times. This is how I teach tea.

Being Tea is about tea education that supports you

All of my classes are trauma-informed, inclusive, and rooted in psychologically-sensitive pedagogy. This is very different from an academic or dogmatic style teaching that enforces “sameness” for everyone.

I’m the 2018 recipient of the World Tea Award for Best Tea Educator. I work with professionals and tea lovers alike. Everything I offer here is online and specifically developed for welcoming folks who have felt intimidated elsewhere learning tea, or that they somehow just don’t belong.

Here’s how you can study or work with Being Tea:

Experience mindful online tea classes

BEING TEA MEMBERSHIP. The best value and biggest heart in tea education available. More than 150 self-guided courses + new offerings added every month. Weekly live classes, too! Everything in one all-inclusive, thoughtfully priced membership program.

Train to become a compassionate tea educator

BEING TEA TEACHER TRAINING. A groundbreaking, first of its kind program for tea. Expansive 7 month professional development course, entirely focused on the skills of how we learn and how we teach tea. All online. ** Next term begins September 2022. Enrollment now open! **

Connect for private tastings & meditation

Experiences tailored just for you. Available for private groups / organizations or one-on-one sessions. Explore hands-on tea skills and play, or learn about meditation and emotional well-being with tea.

Online offerings available for anytime drop-in:

QUIET TEA SUNDAYS just might become your regular space for restoration. (READ MORE)

TEA & CONTEMPLATION is co-created with my friend / fellow teacher, Adam Grossi. (READ MORE)

SPECIAL EVENTS includes seasonal workshops, series offerings, and guest speakers. (READ MORE)


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Teacher’s Path: A Being Tea Blog

How tea meditation saved my mental health

In January 2020, weeks before the pandemic would tear apart so much, a college student asked me a question about burnout during a tea meditation workshop I was hosting at a university. Have you ever felt that way about tea, he asked?

“To be” is to inter-be. You cannot just be by yourself alone. You have to inter-be with every other thing.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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