All good work in tea is inspired by education

I’m Suzette and Being Tea is my education-focused small company. I’ve been a professional tea trainer for over 16 years. Teaching and developing pathways for accessible tea education is what I do for a living.

I have been recognized for my work with a World Tea Award for Best Tea Educator (2018). Additionally, I’m also a certified psychologically-sensitive and trauma-informed yoga and meditation teacher, integrating my work in tea meditation with yoga. Learn about my experience in tea and how I can help you!

Being Tea is about connecting curiosity for tea with physically embodied knowledge, so you can work, play and live with tea confidently.

This magic happens through professional skills development, sensory-rich workshops, tea meditation training, and private consulting for tea programs.

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Did you know Being Tea offers new classes every month online?

Includes functional tea skills like cupping, professional tutoring, tea meditation and mindfulness training. Fresh NEW classes every single month. PLUS, customized plans available for businesses and private groups, too. 

Memberships for individuals start at just $5/month! LEARN MORE


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