Got questions about Being Tea Teacher Training?

These are the questions I receive the most frequently about joining Being Tea Teacher Training. If you don’t see your question here, or you’d like to connect personally about how this program might be a good fit for your goals, feel free contact me in the form at the bottom of the page. I’m always happy to hear from interested prospective educators!

Q: “What can I do with this certification? What kind of job can I get?”

A: Being Tea Teacher Training isn’t actually a certification program. It’s a professional and personal skills development program. This means the outcome is highly specific to what YOU want to do in tea. Being an educator in tea is rarely a full-time posted job offered by a company – and even then, it’s not something one commonly receives training in how to do effectively. (I’ve been a trainer and teacher in tea for nearly 20 years, employed by companies in this capacity and also working on my own, so trust me on this one!)

Being a tea educator most commonly is something that you pursue to enhance your current work or to support the new career path you are growing into.

Q: “Do I need to be a tea professional to take this program?”

A: No, you actually don’t need to have any sort of titled job already to participate. But here’s the requirement I do look for: You need to have some dedicated years of hands-on tea study already, prior to joining teacher training. This means you have a depth of knowledge and personal experience with tea, which is crucial as this is what you draw from as a teacher. This experience can come from many places, including:

– Working for a tea company.
– Being a small tea business owner and proprietor.
– Working for a tea shop/coffee roaster that sells and serves tea.
– Formal academic study of tea.
– Tea sommelier or other tea expertise certification.
– Being an experienced tea blogger.
– Other unique life experience, such as coming from a tea producing family, that would expose you to the wider world, culture and commerce of tea.

Q: “Do I need to work in the tea industry specifically to benefit from Being Tea teacher training?”

A: Actually, no! This is a common misunderstanding, as so many certification training programs are geared toward industry workers. Our program has attracted a wonderfully diverse and intersectional cohort of teachers: Small business start-up, current and former tea company employees, tea sommelier graduates, yoga/bodyworkers and mindfulness teachers, writers and bloggers. Quite a few of our trainees are also professionals in transition, moving from one area of their work life into something new and unknown.

Additionally, if you work in another industry where you are likely to intersect with tea, such as specialty coffee, meditation / mindfulness therapy, Ayurveda, TCM or other CAM (complementary and alternative medicine), this could be an excellent program for you to grow your confidence as an educator in your main practice, while also learning to incorporate tea education. It could also be a really supportive fit for folks with social / community interests, such as recovery and outreach programs, youth education, cultural centers.

Basically, if you have a strong tea background – which doesn’t mean you’re an “expert,” it just means you know quite a lot and are committed to learning more – and you have a passion for education and bringing people together around tea, this program can benefit you.

Q: “I’m really new to tea and just starting my tea business. Can Being Tea teacher training help me?”

A: If you’re just starting your study and journey with tea, Being Tea Teacher Training would not be the best fit for you. Again, this program focuses on the craft of teaching, and you can’t teach what you don’t know from a certain depth of experience. But I can definitely offer support for your tea education.

My membership program is a great fit for folks at this stage. This education program consists of self-guided classes, both live and recorded, in a wide range of topics in tea. There are over 100 courses in the program, with new ones added every month. For individuals, the rate is $10/month for the most interactive and subject rich level.

And you’re in very company here, too: We have quite a few small business owners in our member community, as well as other tea professionals and enthusiasts alike. Having an outlet to grow and strengthen your tea foundation is essential. Especially when first starting a new business, as so much of the business side of things can really eat up all your space for your own learning.

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