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Actualize (verb): to make real or actual; turn into action or fact.

What is Being Tea, what am I offering here?

First of all, I am not your tea master. I am not a tea school, an academy, or a certification. This is not curriculum that will take years to complete. There are no standardized tests or framed diplomas. I have no interest to develop any of these; they already exist and there are groups who do a great job with them. If you want those things… that’s also completely fine!

Because Being Tea is a complementary approach, mutually inclusive, to getting the most out of academic learning. It’s about being… not collecting, completing and certifying.

Being Tea is a philosophy and a promise. It’s not a cute name; it’s just what I do every day. Being Tea is the belief behind how I teach: Knowledge is most meaningful when it is transparent and can be personally utilized. Tea doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it has become. The various costs of admission – time, access, financial, status quo, cultural, intellectual – are tired tropes that have become unwelcome barriers.

All tea professionals should learn to cup tea properly – I would love to teach you!

Being Tea specializes in teaching for actualization – what can be made real, what can be tasted and personally understood. What can be turned into action and daily practice. Through starting with sensory-focused teaching, we develop a more tangible understanding of tea that allows for building intellectual layers with stronger stability and relevancy.

I travel extensively throughout the year to work on location with clients; I also offer live e-training for situations where onsite work is not possible. I’m particularly interested in how tea shapes projects of all sizes, across all borders. As such, my clients have included everyone from global corporations to neighborhood start-ups.

Recognize your business on this list? You could benefit from working with Being Tea: 



Sales teams

Hospitality, culinary and beverage management

Coffee roasters and professional baristas

Brewing technology development

Yoga, counseling and alternative medicine

Corporate wellness

Trade shows, expos and consumer festivals

The flagship programs of Being Tea include Sensory Skills Workshops, Train the Trainer and Tea Mindfulness Therapy. These programs create access to hands-on, practical knowledge, through customized private instruction, for growing your business or personal connection with tea.

Being Tea also offers a range of supporting services outside of these programs, including:

On-location staff training

Professional Cupping (technical tasting) training

Menu consult & supplier assistance

Quality Control training

Product quality assessment

Tea beverage program development

Small group & private training

Corporate training

Conference, industry trade & festival workshops or lectures

Available for single visit, short term & extended term projects

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