Being Tea offers workshops in tea meditation and mindfulness practice

Why study mindfulness? Because through greater understanding of our habits, stressors, and motivations, we can be better stewards of our own life. We can diffuse the enormous grasp of stress on our health. Tea can teach us how to do this.

If we can understand ourselves better, we can understand each other, too. Tea connects us in this way.

How does tea help? Tea grounds the body and connects us to our senses. It reminds us of what we’re missing when we’re constantly rushing through life. Through tea, we learn how to listen to the body’s cues and better modulate our responses to stimuli – positive or negative – in a calm manner.

I teach tea meditation and mindfulness in workshops for online audiences, public studios, private groups (including corporate and organizational settings), and in private lessons for individuals.

All topics are presented in a psychologically-sensitive, trauma-informed, and accessible manner for all levels of experience with tea or with mindfulness. Beginners 100% welcome!

Interested to study tea meditation or offer workshops for your organization or wellness program? Reach out to me below!