Being Tea Tasting Box Club: Communal, Guided, Seasonal tea exploration


It’s that time of the year: Being Tea Tasting Boxes are available again! I launched this program of monthly curated seasonal teas during the 2021 holiday season, and it sold out during our very first year. It’s been a wonderful new addition to the Being Tea education experience.

How does it work? Instead of month-to-month, you pre-buy for 12 months, 6 months, or 3 months of tea. This gives me time to really plan out what we’ll be doing each month and create something special for everyone throughout the seasons.

Want to join in? Sign up now, or read on for program info for 2023.

What’s awesome about this program?

Seasonal and Educational: The focus of each box is on teas that are appropriate for the season, both in freshness as well as personal energetic perspective. We also weave in connections to learn about tea in a low key and enjoyable way. Each box builds upon little seeds of knowledge from previous boxes.

Tea-Focused Monthly Class: Each month also includes a themed tasting note card, plus an interactive live online tasting class (which is also recorded). Over the years, many folks have asked me about opportunities to explore the same teas together, communally, and this program is turning out to be that very space! We’ll go deeper with this in 2023.

Accessible Sample Sizes: The amount of tea in each box is reasonable for enjoying with ease. Expect about 3-4 teas, a few servings of each. (I aim for about 30g of tea in total.) Plus bonus mini-samples throughout the seasons! I’m a fan of subscription programs that don’t overwhelm you with too much stuff that goes to waste.

Three Options to Join: Subscriptions are available for 12 months ($295), 6 months ($175), or 3 months ($99). This price includes US shipping!

I’m also happy to look up rates for shipping to other countries and provide you a quote. For example, shipping to Canada is $10 extra per month.

Sign up for Being Tea Tasting Boxes today!

Fun fact: About 90% of the folks who originally signed up for less than a year (the 3-month and 6-month plans) renewed for the full year once their initial subscription expired. Yep, it’s really that good!

Why you’ll love Tasting Boxes from Being Tea

“I love Sooz and her great work revolving around tea and healing. Sooz thoughtfully curates each box based on your tastes and needs, seasonality, and – most certainly – tea producers/providers. Each box contains an assortment of goodies to try and enjoy – which is such a pleasure. Plus, Sooz ALWAYS throws in lagniappe (i.e., a little something extra) and it just warms my heart. I really look forward to any delivery from Sooz!” – Crystal G.

A little about me: I’ve worked in tea professionally for nearly 20 years, tasted literally thousands of teas, and, well… I know good tea by this point. (read more)

I spent over 10 years as a tea competition judge, in the US and internationally, evaluating teas from all over the world. All categories and seasons and evolution of style. I’ve traveled to tea gardens and factories throughout Asia and learned from amazingly talented and wise producers.

In my work as an education director, I’ve worked on the importing and wholesale side of tea, managing and consulting on tea programs, sourcing, and blend creation. My main job in tea is a teacher and trainer. Being an educator as a primary profession is very rare in this industry.

More personally, I’m a very curious and open minded taster and my colleagues have always respected me for that reason. I appreciate the classics, and I also love to champion teas from origins less well known. Tea is a dear plant friend and teacher for me, and I sharing tea with others means so much to me. You’re in good hands here!

Fine print: Shipping, gifting & restrictions

Just a few logistical notes about this program: (read more)

-> Every tea in the Tasting Boxes contains varying amounts of caffeine. They are teas from the traditional “tea plant” (Camellia sinensis) – not herbal teas or other botanical blends. These teas are also unflavored.

-> Tea boxes will ship on or around the first of each month, starting in January.

-> Price includes US shipping via USPS. I’m happy to look up shipping rates to your country! Shipping to Canada and parts of Europe is about $10 extra per month, for example. Contact me at with shipping questions.

-> Due to the time it takes for sourcing tea, I’m unable to pause a subscription or skip months.

-> If you need to change your address at anytime, that’s no problem! Just email me prior to the first of each month to avoid additional charges for a package redirect.

-> Giving this as a gift? Email me your recipient’s name, email, and shipping address. Do NOT include your recipient’s info on the checkout page! Use your own name and email address when you checkout, then contact me afterward. I can also send a Being Tea gift card to you or your recipient!

Happy Holidays from Being Tea!