Corporate Yoga + Tea

Looking to build a wellbeing program for your employees? Tea meditation and yoga are powerful stress reducers and balancing skills that anyone, in any body, can learn.

Tea meditation and mindfulness workshops are a core element of Being Tea’s educational programming. Corporate classes are usually 60 min and include guided meditation practices as well as essential information about tea itself, centered around seasonal themes. Classes may be presented as regular workshops (biweekly, monthly, quarterly), or as a limited series (4-8 topical classes). Available anytime in the Chicago area, or with advanced booking in other cities.

Additionally, I am enrolled in training myself! This year, I will be certified in a 200 hour program for psych-sensitive yoga and will be incorporating yoga elements into my work. Tea meditation classes currently include yogic breathwork exercises (pranayama) and meditation techniques, but you could also request yoga asana classes (the physical postures) along with tea meditation. Interested to learn more? Send me a message and let’s connect!