Private Tutoring

Did you know I also offer private tutoring? This is ideal for folks enrolled in a certification program who would like some personal coaching for filling in gaps, or who just want to study a part of their program more deeply.

In my experience and based on feedback I’ve heard many times over the years, certification programs often go deep on details, but thin on time in any single area. Cupping and brewing mechanics are usually the lightest areas for time, so working with a tutor can be tremendously helpful to tie some of those loose ends together.

I’ve also tutored industry newcomers, new sales or customer service staff members, and tea enthusiasts. Think of me as your personal tea coach!

Sessions may be ongoing or focused into a limited term series, such as 4-8 weeks. Generally sessions are online, but depending on availability and location, we could also work in person. Got questions about how to get started, or if your needs would be a good fit? Reach out to me anytime and let’s chat about your needs.

Train the Trainer

In Being Tea’s Train the Trainer workshops, students learn how to transfer their knowledge of tea into a living educational program – one that sustainably supports business growth, career path development, original creativity and genuine love of learning. This may be just to have the ability to teach a basic Tea 101 course, or something more complex such as mentoring participants over the long term. Ideal for staff trainers, managers, and senior leads, as well as for businesses with high turnover who need in-house support for ongoing training needs.

Train the Trainer leads clients toward self-empowerment in their knowledge, able to lead and inspire their staff in the way that makes sense for their operational needs.

All teacher training courses are inclusive and designed to support trainees who self-identify at any point along introversion/extroversion. There are none of the typical public speaking drills in this program! My training style supports full sensory learning experiences. Courses are interactive in nature and include live teach-back exercises for trainees to their class peers. All courses are supportive of your own personality and self-expression, designed to allow your natural training leader to come through.

Sensory Skills Workshops

Being Tea’s Sensory Skills program of customized workshops is specifically designed to support multi-sensory learning. These are not lecture courses but rather hands-on, interactive explorations with tea, with a key focus in cupping methodology and brewing mechanics. They are an essential start to taking tea from an academic study to a tangible skill that feels like second nature and physically embodied. Ideal for anyone who works with tea every day, including baristas, retail staff, bartenders/mixologists, trainers, product management and buyers, professional tasters and apprentices.

The core series of four Sensory Skills Workshops includes: Tea Introductions; Beverage Lab; Advanced Brew Bar; Professional Tasting

Workshops are approximately 3 hours long and may be taken in any order. Each is complementary to the others. Seasonal variations are also available.

Note: While additional botanical/herbal ingredients – such as spices, fruit or flowers – may be featured in some courses, all Being Tea education programs are focused specifically on traditional tea made from Camellia sinensis (ie: the “tea plant”) and related botanical cousins.