Sensory Skills Workshops

Being Tea’s Sensory Skills program of customized workshops is specifically designed to support multi-sensory learning. These are not lecture courses but rather hands-on, interactive explorations with tea, with a key focus in cupping methodology and brewing mechanics. They are an essential start to taking tea from an academic study to a tangible skill that feels like second nature and physically embodied. Ideal for anyone who works with tea every day, including baristas, retail staff, bartenders/mixologists, trainers, product management and buyers, professional tasters and apprentices.

The core series of four Sensory Skills Workshops includes: Tea Introductions; Beverage Lab; Advanced Brew Bar; Professional Tasting

Workshops are approximately 3 hours long and may be taken in any order. Each is complementary to the others. Seasonal variations are also available.

Note: While additional botanical/herbal ingredients – such as spices, fruit or flowers – may be featured in some courses, all Being Tea education programs are focused specifically on traditional tea made from Camellia sinensis (ie: the “tea plant”) and related botanical cousins.