A space for reconnecting with yourself and with Tea

No demands for your time and attention. Just purely restorative tea meditation and self-care.

Quiet Tea Sundays | Weekly 9-10am CST

In Quiet Tea Sundays, experience different nuances of a living meditation practice with tea, including guided yoga nidra-style relaxation, breathwork, personal journaling, and supported silence. Practices that help anchor us in the present moment and stability. Each month centers on a seasonal theme for reflection.

Attendees who register for the month pass can access class recordings for all sessions in that current month – even if you sign up a few weeks in. This is a great option for those who want to do their practice at a different time than Sunday morning.

No prerequisite study of either tea or formal meditation is needed to begin. Everything is very beginner friendly and fully guided. Just come as you are in this moment.



This is for one class, live only (no recording). I’ll email you to confirm which date you would like to attend!



This includes all sessions for the current calendar month. Plus recordings of any sessions you miss, too!


About Quiet Tea Sundays


Each session is fully guided, and you’re welcome to tune into as much of this as is helpful for you. There’s no need to rush to keep pace with anything, we go very slow. You also don’t need to keep your camera on for practice if you’re attending live – this is your time, so be in the way that is comfortable for you.

If you’re joining us for the live session, we also hold space for group sharing / healing circle after the guided portion, for community support and integration of the practice. (** this section is not recorded **)


Quiet Tea Sundays is structured to work with whatever teas you currently have available. Throughout the seasons, I do offer recommendations for folks who are interested in tailoring their practice to the season, but the structure allows for whatever you wish to bring.

For most classes, we use the bowl method – a versatile and very accessible traditional way of enjoying tea.

Just a pinch of loose leaf tea + hot water in an open mug or small bowl with no strainer necessary.

Usually once a month, we work with other traditional ways of brewing, such as a gaiwan (seen on the table photo) or other teapot. However, you’re also welcome to stick with bowl brewing, too. Information is emailed in advance.

We prepare tea together during the session in real time, so simply just have your kettle heating just before you come sit down for practice and you’ll be all set.