This month is our first full series of sessions, and truly, what an extraordinary time to dive into the work. Between a pandemic that is ramping up again, to divisive and deeply concerning elections in the US, to civil unrest in Europe, it can all feel like too much to bear all at once. Because it is. And this is why we practice how we manage these moments.

In November, our focus will be on taking small sips at a time – discovering methods of reconnecting that we can tap into every few hours, even, when needed. While our Sunday sessions are condensed periods of one hour, the goal is to be able to take elements of this time together and use them on a daily basis. Just 5 minutes to breathe. Just 10 minutes to sit with tea. Repeat as necessary.

Week 1 – Breath & Breathing With Tea
Week 2 – Journaling and Naming Felt Experience
Week 3 – Going Slow: Movement as Practice
Week 4 – Restorative + Tea
Week 5 – Yoga Nidra Tea (Guided point by point relaxation)

If you have any questions about this series, or what you might want to do to prepare (spoiler alert: the idea is to have very, very little we “need” to do here), reach out to me anytime.

See you for tea…