Enrich your tea life with anytime online classes from Being Tea!

Individual classes from my library are available for purchase here! Classes are 60 min long, presented in “live to tape”, unedited format – a preferred production method that remains from my years as a broadcast journalist.

Topics are divided between two categories:
Tea Skills for areas like learning about tea tasting, fundamentals of brewing, and comparative styles.
– Tea Meditation for areas of contemplative study with tea, including energetics of tea, mindfulness training, and breathwork.



I’ve been a tea educator since 2003, and after 13 years working for various organizations and tea companies, I founded Being Tea to help make learning about tea more accessible for wider audiences. The classes you see here were created with the support of my online Being Tea membership community. They have been a large part of my ability to create accessible, affordable tea educational content for anyone who loves tea.

If you enjoy these offerings, consider becoming a member of Being Tea! For the price of one or two classes, you can access a whole library (50+ offerings) of classes, plus new material every month and exclusive member events!