In Being Tea’s teacher training program, students learn how to transfer their knowledge of tea into a living skill – one that supports personal growth, career development, creativity and genuine love of learning.

I’ve been an educator my entire time working in tea, since 2003. Learning how to train others, taking into account their job requirements, the audience they serve, their business needs, and their own individual skills – the heart of adult learning theory – has been as equal of a focus for my professional work as has been teaching about tea itself. In 2018, I was honored for my years in this niche specialty with a World Tea Award for Best Tea Educator.

The tea industry rarely has full time roles in companies to work only in training and education, and as a result, there is a shortage of people who feel prepared to guide the learning experience of others.

My teacher training leads participants toward self-empowerment in their knowledge, able to lead and inspire in the way that fits their talents and makes sense for their professional and personal goals.

Individual goals may be to have the confidence to teach a short Tea 101 course for customers, or something more complex such as mentoring staff members, teaching at large festivals, or even sharing tea in therapy spaces.

How can you take Being Tea’s teacher training?

This teacher training program is open to anyone who wants to feel more comfortable sharing tea, and is particularly ideal for staff trainers, managers and business owners, as well as for businesses with high turnover who need in-house support for ongoing training needs.

The primary focus includes understanding how to hold space, managing personal expectations, logistics of tastings and workshops, and organizing thoughtful content. Teachers are shown how to support full sensory learning experiences, in line with my own experience and research that learning through the body is the more supportive way versus rote memorization.

The program consists of 6 core courses, plus 3 optional continuing education specialized courses.

Module 1| What calls you to teach?

Module 2 | Creating a sensory playground

Module 3 | Presence & Presentation

Module 4 | The Love of Logistics

Module 5 | Structure & Time: “Stacking” your show

Module 6 | Teaching in Your World: Applications of practice

Currently, teacher training courses are offered for in-person groups as multi-day sessions. I am adapting the core program for online study, scheduled to be released here on later this year (2019).

All teacher training courses are inclusive and designed to support trainees who identify anywhere along the introversion / extroversion scale. Courses are supportive of your own personality and self-expression, designed to allow your natural teacher voice to come through.

If you would like to be an early student of Being Tea’s online teacher training, reach out to me below. Space is very limited for early students!