Being Tea is a philosophy and a promise.

Being Tea is the belief behind how I teach: Knowledge is most meaningful when it is transparent and can be personally utilized. Tea doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it has become. My approach for this is through sensory training, focusing on contextual, real life tea skills. Not just academic book work and theoretical study. Through this approach, I’ve been recognized as an award-winning tea trainer and educator.

I specialize in customized education for businesses. Functional knowledge that’s meant for daily application – what can be brought to life, what can be personally embodied.

Through starting with sensory-focused training – learning about the world of tea with intersectional context – we develop a more tangible understanding of tea that allows for building layers with greater relevancy. I am always your advocate to be your best self with tea. In my experience, this is the stuff that is often very thin on time in most certification programs, and it’s the experience that tea professionals and enthusiasts alike crave the most.

The applications for the training and customized work I offer are enormous, including:

  • Product development with a recognized tea expert
  • In-house beverage and tea menu collaboration
  • Staff training and ongoing mentorship
  • Marketing and product quality assessment
  • Inclusion of tea in wellness and therapy space
  • Healthy activities for corporate wellness and offices programs
  • Community tea education and knowledge sharing

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Recognize your business on this list?

  • Retailers
  • Wholesale / importers
  • Coffee roasters and professional baristas
  • Yoga, therapy and integrative medicine
  • Community organizations
  • Corporate wellness
  • Hospitality and culinary
  • Product development and technology
  • Conferences and festivals

You could benefit from working with Being Tea!

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