One of the most popular classes in our program here is the Essentials of Tea Tasting – a vocabulary focused class. I’ve loved hearing your comments and takeaways from this course! If you enjoy exploring the nuance of how we taste, this class is another one that’s sure to help you expand those connections.

In this Essentials Vocabulary class, we’ll focus on Body, one of the key elements of tasting. Body is often difficult to describe in more complex detail, primarily because we tend to look at it as a wholly separate experience and also limit the words that measure its impact. Through comparative exercises, we’ll examine more closely how we can better describe body in a tea.

To taste along during the class, you’ll prepare 2 sets of teas, totally of your choice.

– Set 1 = 2-4 teas from the same category, with more similarities than differences. In my set, I compare 3 green teas from 3 different origins.
– Set 2 = 2-3 teas each from different categories, plus 1 that you’ll carryover from the first set. So, 3-4 teas max. In my set, I compare a white, oolong and black.
– Cupping sets are ideal for this exercise (4 sets). You could also use gaiwans, small pots or brew baskets.
– Gram scale
– Electric kettle + thermometer (if your kettle does not adjust temp)
– Tasting spoon
– Notebook
– Optional: Being Tea Comparative Tasting Sheet (2 copies)

Original airdate August 2020