To learn about a single tea deeply, we need to see it from all sides, its whole personality. In this Tea Skills workshop, we’ll explore how several completely different tea types change across a range of common brewing methods. The goal is to gain a more holistic understanding for how to apply the principles of brewing creatively and intuitively, depending on the tea you’re preparing. 

The 5 methods we’ll be preparing include “old folks’ style” (tea in a glass), western tea pot style, gaiwan/gongfu style, bowl style, and cold brew. Here are suggested materials for brewing along with your tea at home!

Electric kettle
Thermometer (if your kettle isn’t auto-temp)
Gram scale
Pint glass or mason jar (a glass safe for adding hot water to)
Personal size teapot or a mug with infuser basket
Gaiwan or a small claypot (Yixing style pots)
2 serving pitchers (“fairness cups”) to decant teapot and gaiwan tea into
2 small cups (like tea cupping set bowls) to save brews from gaiwan
Small matcha bowl, tea bowl, or coffee mug about 8-10oz
Pint glass or mason jar (for making cold brew)

Tea of choice: This exercise is best for using the same tea for all 5 methods to taste comparatively. This means you’ll need about 25g of tea (5 servings) total.

Note: Cold brew must be prepared in advance.
To do so, measure 4-5g of tea leaf into a 14-16oz (400-500ml) glass, add filtered water, and refrigerate for 2-4 hrs for greens, or 6-8 for white, oolong or black teas. Remove from fridge just before class.

Original airdate June 2020