A seriously refreshing workshop to carry you through the long hot days. Taking our iced tea and cold brew skills, we combine seasonal enhancements to build creative chilled beverages. This workshop focuses on breaking down beverages into elements, not strictly recipes. As such, the suggested materials are here to help you create your own experiments, following some of the examples we’ll do in class.

Suggested Materials:
– Electric kettle
– Gram scale
– Digital timer
– Thermometer
– Loose leaf tea brewer of choice (should be able to hold around 14-18oz/400-600ml)
– 3 carafes or pitchers, ideally double the size of your brewer (but at least equal in size). We’ll be mixing things into our tea, so you’ll want some mixing room. 1L or 1qt size is great!
– 1 can or bottle each (for sampling purposes): tonic water, sparkling mineral water, club soda. Look for little to no added sugar!
– Small bottle of lemon or ginger juice.
– 1 cup/200g plain sugar
– Wire whisk or spatula
– 2 cup/500ml mixing pitcher – we’ll be making simple syrup!
– Already made ice, plain
– Ice cube tray – we’ll be making ice, too!
– Fresh seasonal summer fruit, for sampling purposes: peach, fig, blueberries, blackberries.

3-4 teas of your choice. 1 should be matcha or another Japanese green. 1 should be Darjeeling or Oriental Beauty (Formosa Bai Hao) oolong. 1 should be Silver Needle or White Peony. 1 should be a classic masala chai. All unflavored/unblended.

Flip flops and shady patio optional. YUM!

Original airdate August 2018