It’s best to not wait until those desperately hot summer days to figure out your cold brew game. This Tea Skills class is all about the art of chillin’. We’ll be discussing the basics of cold brew method, how to work with various tea types, and navigating suggested steeping times. As an optional starter exercise, set up the following brew experiment either the morning of or the evening before class (whenever works best for you) to taste in class. You’ll be preparing 2 samples of tea:

Suggested Materials:
Two 1L carafes (about 32oz) or alternately two half-gallon or quart mason jars.
Gram scale
Whole leaf tea of your choice (green, white, oolong, etc).
Filtered water

Into each carafe/jar, portion out 10g of tea.
Add 1L or 32oz of filtered room temp or cold water.
Refrigerate one bottle for 8-10 hours prior to joining the class.
Refrigerate the second bottle for 2-4 hours prior to joining the class.

Original airdate: July 2018