Just in time for another week of heat wave – ICED TEA WORKSHOP (for the love of all that is tea!!!!).
In this workshop, we’ll explore basic do’s and don’t of iced tea technique, pros and cons of different styles, and best practices for freshness.

Suggested Materials:
– 2-4 loose leaf teas of your choice, about 15g each
– 2 loose leaf teapots, anything between 12 and 24oz is fine
– 2 quart size mason jars, beakers or pitchers for your iced tea
– Handheld strainer, if your teapot does not have one
– Electric kettle
– Gram scale (ideally able to read 1000g)
– Digital timer
– Digital thermometer
– Cold filtered water (about 2 qt or 2L)
– Fresh ice!
– Glass to sample your iced tea brews

Original airdate July 2018