It’s the style of brewing most perplexing to people who are newer to tea or yet unfamiliar with deeper aspects of traditional tea culture: Tiny teapots. And there are definitely some misunderstandings even among experienced tea drinkers here, too – for example, the widespread habit of calling all small clay pots “Yixing.”

In this teaware focused workshop, we’ll discuss some of the more technical reasons why considering a small pot for your practice could be useful (especially if you enjoy practicing gongfu), as well as clear up some incorrect ideas about them (preview: no, not all small clay pots are Yixing!)

We’ll also be doing some comparative brewing between different pot materials, including comparing to a gaiwan. If you have some small pots, you may wish to compare one of them to a gaiwan brew of similar size volume. We’ll also be using a few different styles of tea: ball-rolled oolong, green tea, and sheng pu’er.

Original airdate March 2019