As tea lovers grow in their own preference and personal practice, most will start to explore different types of teaware designed to complement their preferred tea and intent. One such area is with Japanese teas, and that is the theme of this month’s Tea Skills workshop. You may have heard the term kyusu before, which can often be misunderstood to mean all side-handle teapots. The word actually just means “teapot”, and not all kyusu have their handle on the side. However, for this workshop, this will be the main type we explore.

Key takeaways will be understanding selection of pot based on size, material and intention of what you want to prepare. We’ll also explore ways to work around NOT having a kyusu of this style, while still being able to brew delicious Japanese teas.

No specific materials for this class, although if you do already have a Japanese teapot and would like to brew along, bring your current favorite sencha and feel free to experiment!

Original airdate Feb 2019