Ouch, we’ve all been there – embarrassingly over-steeped tea! It’s a lot less scary, though, when you start to understand exactly how to work with time when it comes to tea. In this workshop (the third in our Brewing Basics series), we’re examining a better way to understand the relationship of time to these other elements.

Suggested Materials:
– 3 beakers/pots for brewing and – 3 beakers/pots for decanting brewed tea
– Handheld tea strainers
– Thermometer (if your kettle doesn’t adjust temp)
– Timer
– Gram scale
– Electric kettle + 1.5L of filtered water
– 2-3 teas of your choice, depending on how many variations of the exercises you would like to do. I’ll be working with a Keemun and a Dragonwell.

Original airdate: Nov 2018

Post-show note: There is a small error in the instructions for one of the exercises. I wanted to correct it here so you can set it up properly. This is the exercise for cupping Dragonwell 4 ways. You will need 4 cupping sets/gaiwans, each with 2.5g of tea.

Step 1) Separate the set into 2 halves. The first 2 cups (on your left), are brewed for 1 min. The second 2 cups (on your right) are brewed for 2 min. That’s the first part.

Step 2) In each set, there is also different water temperature. The left cup in each set (so, cups 1 & 3) should receive water at 170F / 65-70C. The right cup (teas 2 & 4) should receive water at 190F / 85-90C.

Sorry for the mix-up! The one time I don’t use Post-it notes (shakes fist…)