After you select which tea you want to make, deciding how much to use is the most important part of tea preparation. There are techniques for skating around less than ideal temperature or time, but those very much depend on the solid foundation of the correct portion of tea leaves to work.

In this Tea Skills workshop (part 1 of our 3 part Brewing Basics series), we’ll investigate recommendations/ratios for measuring, how this works for scaling to differently sized teaware pieces, and why knowing how various types of teas behave in their vessel can influence the quantity of tea leaf you need.

Suggested Materials:

– 3-4 uniquely different types of tea: Japanese green, ball-rolled oolong, white peony, small leaf black tea, etc
– Brewing items: A gaiwan, a small yixing pot, a contemporary ceramic or glass teapot around 12-16oz/350-500ml.
– At least 3 tea sharing pitchers/beakers/drinking mugs to decant brewed tea into. One for each brewing vessel you use.
– Bowl/bucket/sink to discard extra brewed tea
– Electric kettle + 2L of filtered water
– Digital gram scale
– Timer
– Digital thermometer
– A tasting cup!

Original airdate: Sep 2018