Mmmm, this class is gonna be delicious! In this edition of Vocabulary Tasting – where we workshop on language skills in tea tasting – we’re exploring a range of starch and savory. Here are some suggested foodstuffs to have for this class. You certainly don’t need all of them, and if you’d like to make substitutions or additions, that’s welcome too. The idea is basically just to have tasting ingredients available for comparison.

– Roasted squash or pumpkin (puree or wedges are ok)
– Roasted sweet potato, whole with skin on
– Roasted mushrooms of choice
– Malted barley syrup
– Brown rice
– Thick crusted bread (not toasted)
– Toasted nuts of choice (unsalted!) – walnuts, cashews or chestnuts are great
– Roasted red kale

Tea Suggestions:
– Fujian China black tea
– Yunnan China black tea
– Taiwan black tea
– Assam
– Wuyi rock oolong
– Roasted/aged oolong of choice
– Shu pu’er

Try to have a few of these ready to brew, in gaiwan or cupping sets.

Original airdate: Nov 2018