“Can you tell me what I’m tasting?”

I’ve been asked this question so often in trainings over the years, and the truthful answer can be a bit of a let down: No, sorry, I cannot tell you – or experience for you – what you are tasting. But you truly are totally capable of doing this for yourself! Tasting skills are learned, not gifted. In this Tea Skills class, we’ll define through taste experience the essential tasting vocabulary terms to know, how they manifest and vary across categories, plus explore the technique of tasting itself.

Original airdate: Jan 2020

Suggested Materials:

6 Teas: Silver Needle & White Peony (white teas), Assam & Keemun (black teas), Dragonwell (green tea) & Pouchong or any green/lightly oxidized oolong

– Cupping sets (or gaiwans): 2 good, 6 ideal
– Electric kettle + 1L (34oz) water
– Gram scale
– Thermometer if your kettle doesn’t adjust temp
– Digital timer
– Tasting Spoon
– Being Tea tasting sheets – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KiusKzIsB57m60f44ixMz3ArFjqkKuxc