Learning how to cup tea professionally is truly one of the best skills that any tea pro or devoted enthusiast can learn. It’s what teaches you how to explore with intent, how to ask questions with more direction, and how to string your acquired knowledge together over time. This class is all about getting started, learning how to cup tea in various scenarios.

Original airdate: May 2018.

Suggested Materials:

We’ll be cupping 4 teas and for this session, it actually doesn’t matter which teas you use. Just as long as they are unflavored and in the same general category (white, green, etc), ideally of a similar type. Ex: all Chinese green teas, or all balled oolongs.

– 4 tea cupping sets
– 4 small dishes or plates to put your dry tea on for examining
– Electric kettle + 1L (34oz) water
– Gram scale
– Thermometer if your kettle doesn’t adjust temp
– Digital timer
– Tasting spoon
– Being Tea tasting sheets: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KiusKzIsB57m60f44ixMz3ArFjqkKuxc