My first Being Tea member workshop! (that’s how much I love matcha!) Learn the basics of how to prepare matcha, the tools required, and how to substitute out various tools for what you have on hand. The essential matcha starter course. If you’d like to make matcha with me in the video, here are the supplies you’ll need:

– Matcha (1-2 different types, if you have them)
– Chasen (the bamboo whisk). This is hard to substitute, but if you have a small spatula or a very small wire whisk, we’ll make it work. Alternately, a battery powered milk frother is great too.
– Rinsing cup for the chasen (small jam jar, 3-4oz tea cup, etc)
– A baker’s teaspoon
– Fine mesh tea strainer (very clean and very dry)
– Kettle and thermometer
– 1 or 2 Chawan (a matcha bowl). A shallow cereal bowl works just as nicely!
– Rounded small coffee-type cup. 8-10oz. This could be a cappuccino cup, or a tea cup that fits this description.
– Clean, dry towels
– Optional: A sharing pitcher (glass, ceramic, anything works)

Original airdate April 2018