In this course, we’ll dive deeper into understanding the foundational details of oolong tea, as well as the major branches of this type of tea. The goal is to strengthen pathways of understanding this tea, so that you can navigate oolongs from a more holistic reference. Less making do with individual stories and profiles as you encounter them.

Teas will be tasted using standard professional cupping sets (you’ll also need a kettle, gram scale, timer, and tasting spoon). If you have any of these teas on hand, you can cup along with me in class:

Anxi Tie Guan Yin (green unroasted and traditional roasted)
Wuyi rock oolong (I’ll be cupping Rou Gui)
Dancong oolong (I’ll be cupping 2 styles)
Bai Hao oolong
High Mountain oolong (I’ll be cupping Shan Lin Xi)

Original airdate Sept 2018