One of the simplest forms of tea to describe – delicately air dried during an extended, very slow wither – and yet, much confusion exists about how to actually prepare these beautiful teas.

In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to prepare white teas, both buds (silver needle) and leafy style (white peony), with a better understanding of how to work with our variables. We’ll debunk a few lingering myths about white teas (hint: no, they are certainly not caffeine-free!), while comparing several brewing techniques to meet a desired result.

For this workshop, you should ideally have at least 2 different white teas to taste comparatively (a silver needle type and a white peony type).

Suggested Equipment:
Electric kettle
3 tea pots, or infuser baskets, or cupping sets
3 decanting pitchers or beakers
Thermometer, if your kettle does not set temperature
Gram scale

Original airdate: Sep 2019