Most tea enthusiasts catch on to the basics of brewing green tea pretty quickly – that is, use cooler water and shorter time. Beyond that, though, what are more specific recommendations or ways you can influence your tea flavor? What is the desired result you’re looking for?

In this Tea Skills workshop, we’ll introduce some creative ways to influence your green tea, including methods used in classical Korean tea preparation. We’ll compare experiments using several different green teas to understand the implications across production styles, and also discuss seasonal / environmental considerations for preparing green tea, such as in the thick heat of summertime.

Suggested Materials:
Electric kettle
Thermometer (if your kettle isn’t temperature adjust)
2 or more beakers/sharing pitchers
2 or more teapots, ideally of similar size, with lids that can be removed
Handheld strainer
A few gaiwans of similar size, or cupping sets, if teapots aren’t available
Bonus exercise uses a clay pot and a ceramic pot, of similar size and proportion
A selection of green teas, enough leaf that you could brew a few pots of each for comparison

Original airdate: Aug 2019