Springtime is when some of our favorite teas of the year are being made: Green teas! In this Tea Skills workshop, we’ll be focusing on pan-fired green teas (as opposed to steamed teas, like Japanese senchas), to understand what makes them unique, their flavor profiles, and how they typically age over the course of a year.

Bring 3-4 favorites you have right now – even better if you can find the same tea from last year and this year. I’ll be cupping Dragonwell (Long Jing), Anji Bai Cha and a few surprises…

Suggested Materials:

4 cupping sets or gaiwans
2 glass serving pitchers/”fairness cup”/beakers
Electric kettle + 1L of filtered water
Gram scale
Thermometer if your kettle doesn’t adjust temp
Tasting spoon

Original airdate: May 2019