Late spring is the time when those first brilliant greens from Japan start making their quiet appearances on tea company menus, like sweet cherry blossoms offering a glimpse of warmer days to come.

In this Tea Skills workshop, we’ll be tasting 4 Japanese teas together and talking about key differences and brewing requirements. This includes Japanese teas like sencha, kukicha, gyokuro, genmaicha, and similar styles.

Suggested Materials:

4 small plates or tea leaf trays to put your leaf sample on.
4 cupping sets or 4 similar size teapots. Alternately, you could use 2 pots and I’ll help you out with the brewing.
Teapots or mugs with infuser baskets should be approx. 12-14oz.
Electric kettle + 1.5L filtered water
Digital timer
Tasting spoon

Original airdate: May 2018