To invite movement into our tea life, we try to create natural, seasonal harmony in our tea space –Β the physical area where we sit with tea. Part of this means that during the key transition points of the year, we consider the tangible ways we connect our practice with the world around us. This is what creates the movement, keeps us from feeling stuck.

In traditional tea cultures, this intention is reflected in teaware, teas, environment, and how together, they evoke a feeling. In this class, we’ll be looking at specific approaches for autumn and winter. Includes discussion plus guided meditation at the end.

For this session, it would be helpful if you are in the space where you normally enjoy your tea and have access to your teaware and teas. You may want to try something new after we discuss the intention a bit more together! Good teas for this time of year include lightly roasted oolongs, white tea, and smooth black teas. Pu’er can also feel really nice right now, too.

Suggested Materials:
Electric kettle or thermos of hot water
Loose leaf tea of choice
Tea bowl or mug to practice bowl-style meditation
Comfortable, cozy place to sit uninterrupted
Optional journal or notebook for personal reflections

Original airdate: Oct 2020