If you’ve taken tea meditation classes with me, you’ve noticed I often teach using the bowl style method – loose tea in a tea bowl or mug. In this workshop, we’ll shed some light on the greater context for why this method is so specifically helpful, variations on the practice, and seasonality considerations, with the goal of helping you find ways to personalize this method for your needs. This class includes both discussion as well as two guided meditation exercises to explore the practice more deeply.

Tea Bowls for Practice:
The size of the bowl should be about 8-12oz (230-350ml) or so.  2-3 bowls are good for comparison. 

If you have a few different tea bowl shapes to play with, that will allow you to taste comparatively and see what works for you. Details to look for include:
– Classic straight sided chawan (matcha bowl)
– Rounded cup, like a cappuccino cup, a dish for ice cream, or a rice bowl
– Shallow, open bowls – there are types of matcha bowls specifically in this flared shape
– Differences in thickness and texture of ceramic is good, too, if available.
– If a lot of your bowls are similar shape/proportion, for more noticable contrast, you may want to include a large coffee mug (or any straight sided, tall mug). We’ll be talking about this shape, too. 

Other Suggested Materials:
2 leafy style teas – oolong, white, larger style black tea.
Trays or small dishes for holding your dry tea leaves before use.
Electric kettle or thermos of hot water, enough for 2-3 servings from one of your bowls.
Optional journal or notebook for personal reflections.

Original airdate: Sep 2020