Do you prefer to be guided in your meditation practice? Or do you prefer to sit with your tea in silence? Have you compared the difference? Whether you listen to audio recordings, or sit quietly in zazen style, here is no one right way to practice – only the practice that works best for you. How might you decide which is right for you on any given day that you come to tea? In this Tea Meditation workshop, we’ll explore the difference between these two styles, and their specific benefits, through comparative meditation exercises.

Suggested Materials:
Electric kettle or thermos of hot water.
2 small tea bowls or mug (something that feels comfortable to hold between both hands). We’ll be doing 2 different exercises.
1 or 2 teas. You can use the same tea for both exercises, if you like, or switch to another tea. This particular practice isn’t specific to the tea, so you can really choose either option freely.
A small dish or tray to hold your tea.
Optional journal or notebook for personal reflections.

Original airdate: Aug 2020