I get a lot of questions about which teas are the “right” type for working with in meditation. In this class, we’ll explore some of the factors – both with the tea as well as within ourselves – that could influence how the practice sits for us, including how to read into tasting notes, stories and other information provided about any given tea. Includes two guided meditation exercises. We’ll be comparing 2 teas with strongly differing character – you could use an oolong with a pu’er, for example, or a white tea with a black tea. 

Suggested Materials:
Bring two teas that, by your estimate, represent opposite character.
Trays or small dishes for holding your dry tea leaves before use.
Electric kettle or thermos of hot water.
2 small tea bowls or mug (something that feels comfortable to hold between both hands).
Optional journal or notebook for personal reflections.

Original airdate: Aug 2020