This Wellbeing class explores one of the most common observations I hear about tea: how calming and relaxing it can be. The questions here, why is this, and how can we create a practice specifically for calming?

A great introduction to tea meditation as a whole, or a helpful refresher for the difficult times we are navigating together, this course includes some background for how the body and nervous system recognize calm states (and what the opposites of that state are), how our breathing affects this, and how tea practice enables us to access the ability to self-soothe. We also review some simple guidelines for choosing a tea type, as well as choosing a tea preparation method, for creating calm. Includes 2 guided tea meditation examples.

Suggested materials for practice:

– One tea type from each of these categories (just to simplify things): Green, White, Oolong and Black.
– Small tea bowl or mug
– Gaiwan + sharing pitcher, if available (or a gongfu teapot)
– Small dish for dry tea leaves
– Electric kettle
– Thermometer (optional, if your kettle is not auto-temp and you want to be mindful of the temperature being used)
– Journal for personal notes during practice
– Quiet and comfortable place to sit for one hour

Enjoy your space and tea…

Original airdate: May 2020