Autumn is a very complex season, full of transition to new schedules, movement, windy days and fluctuating temperature. Our theme for this Tea Meditation + Journaling is settling and grounding, which are important reflections as we move from the harvest season into the winter season. What helps us to feel supported, stable and present.

For this practice, here are some suggested materials:
– A cozy spot to be still and quiet for about an hour.
– Comfortable floor cushion or a relaxing chair. You may also wish to have a blanket nearby for assistance in supportive settling.
– Electric kettle (for the pleasant water heating noise), although a thermos for water is just fine.
– Tea bowl or rounded mug that feels good to hold, approx 300ml (8-10oz).
– About 1L of heated water, not full boiling (around 180F/80-82C).
– Journal or notebook for personal writing exercises.

Recommended teas for this time of year: Larger leaf fragrant black teas, deeper oolongs (not too green). You may also enjoy white teas right now if your climate is experiencing a warmer period.

Original airdate Nov 2018