Autumn is a time for restoration and rebuilding. It’s also a time of major transition – the air is crisp, often drying, full of movement. How we handle these transitions, both emotionally and physically, creates the stability for us to move into the winter ahead. So this session of Tea Meditation + Journaling is all about transitions. While this class was recorded for autumn, the topic and practice applies to any time of year.

For this practice, here are some suggested items:
– Small tea bowl or mug, about 10oz (300ml).
– Electric kettle or thermo bottle of hot water – a kettle is ideal because of the pleasant sound.
– Floor cushion and yoga mat for warmth. You may also like to have a blanket or shawl.
– Journal or notebook for personal writing exercises.

Suggested teas: Autumn is a great time for warming oolongs and lighter black teas, although if you’re experiencing a back and forth type of transition still, with really warm days and then cooler days, a lighter oolong or white tea may be more helpful for you.

Original airdate: Oct 2018