Summer is very high energy, humid and hot, while autumn can be a curious season. It’s crisp and lighter, but also windy, full of movement. It’s also a time when we’re establishing routine and focusing on our studies and work. Our tea meditation practice turns toward autumn restoration and grounding during this time.

Suggested Materials:
– A quiet, comfortable place to sit for about an hour.
– A light blanket or sweater, in case you get chilly.
– Electric kettle with about 1 qt/1L of water
– Thermometer (optional)
– Shallow small dish or bowl to hold dry tea leaves
– A small tea bowl, rounded mug or chawan. About 10oz/300ml.
– Journal or notebook for personal writing exercises.

Suggested teas for autumn practice: Deeper oolongs or gentle black teas. If it’s still very hot or humid in your area, consider sticking with green teas until the temperature or wind starts to shift more noticeably.

Original airdate: Sept 2018