The end of summer can be a time of nostalgia, relaxation and relief. The pressure of the season is easing, giving us a new sense of space. In this session of Tea Meditation + Journaling, we’ll be checking in with the feelings and sensations that end of summer brings, and with our tea, creating a space for both contentment and possibility.

You’ll need the following to participate:
– A quiet place to sit, uninterrupted, for about an hour. Outside street noise may be pleasant, if you want an open window for fresh air.
– Cushion to sit on and light blanket if you get chilly.
– Small tea bowl or rounded coffee mug, about 8-10oz (300ml) ideally.
– Thermos of hot water or electric tea kettle within arm’s reach. You’ll need about 24oz (0.8 L) of hot water total.
– Loose leaf, unflavored tea of your choice right now. For this particular session, you may wish to select a gentle white tea or a greener oolong.
– Hot water at preferred temp for your selected tea type. The water will cool as we sit. Something around 175F (80C) is good.
– A notebook and pen for the guided journaling exercises.

Original airdate: August 2018